'Inside the Balmoral: Scotland's Finest Hotel' on Channel 5 — release date, premise, trailer and everything you need to know

The Balmoral Hotel
Inside the Balmoral: Scotland's Finest Hotel takes us behind the doors of this prestigious hotel! (Image credit: Getty Images)

Inside the Balmoral: Scotland's Finest Hotel will give interested viewers a unique tour of the Edinburgh based hotel, following hotel staff throughout 2020. The four-part series explores how they managed to run the hotel during the pandemic, and the guests they've welcomed recently.

In a statement, Richard Cooke, General Manager of The Balmoral, said: “Over the past year we welcomed a film crew into the hotel to capture a year in the life of The Balmoral. Along with the hospitality industry throughout the world, we could never have imagined what was ahead.

“For me, this documentary is about the people who give The Balmoral personality — our guests, the many suppliers who work with us and our incredible team, the custodians of our beautiful property."

Here's everything you need to know...

Inside the Balmoral: Scotland's Finest Hotel release date

The four-part documentary will air on Channel 5 on Friday 21 May at 7pm. It will later be available on demand via My5.

What should we expect to see in the documentary?

The first episode sees the Balmoral Hotel hosting France's national rugby team, who have arrived in Edinburgh to take on Scotland in the Six Nations. Viewers will get to see how they host the 100-strong entourage ahead of the big game, as well as some of the luxury rooms and amenities on site. There'll also be other VIP guests and visitors including Sir Rocco Forte, Chairman of Rocco Forte Hotels, who will assist the team with some exciting projects.

In addition to guests, the staff are at the heart of the documentary and we'll get to hear from people such as kitchen staff and concierge, learning more about how they navigate the workday at the Balmoral.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, a short trailer was posted to Twitter which gives us a glimpse of some of the high-priced, luxury experiences inside the Balmoral Hotel. From suites costing £6,000 a night to whiskey priced at £300 a measure, there's plenty to be explored in the new documentary.