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'Just So You Know' by Amazon Prime Video — everything you need to know about the TikTok series

Just So You Know - TikTok logo
Just So You Know is coming to TikTok. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Amazon Prime Video has teamed up with TikTok to create Just So You Know, a new series that is based on their own original series Modern Love. The series spotlights six LGBTQ+ TikTok creators and sees them writing remarkable love letters to the love of their lives, confessing how they feel, and exploring what love looks like in modern times. 

The series is directed by Joseph Wilson, a filmmaker and drag artist whose work is centered around identity and self-acceptance. It was filmed and created with the TikTok platform in mind, making use of its features.

Speaking about the project, he said: "I’m passionate about celebrating marginalised communities and bringing our narratives to mainstream audiences. That’s why the opportunity to create a series highlighting what love means to the LGBTQ+ community was so special."

Here's everything you need to know...


Just So You Know release date

The series will be released on Amazon Prime Video's TikTok account on Thursday 26th August. Viewers will be able to watch all the stories during that time, available exclusively on the TikTok app.

In addition to this, Daniel Molyneaux composed the soundtrack for each episode, which is available as a TikTok Sound so the community can feature it in their own videos if they would like to join in.

Who stars in the series?

The series features TikTok stars Tyreece Nye (@tyreeceinheels), DJ Krystal Lake (@djkrystallake), dancer and choreographer Tarek Khwiss (@tarekkhwiss), Bailey Mills (@baileyjayemills), drill artist Mista Strange (@mistastrange1) and Elliot Douglas (@theevolutionofelliot).

Each person involved in the series is part of the LGBTQ+ community, and includes non-binary, trans, and drag creators, each of which have written letters dedicated to someone or something they really love.

What are some examples of the letters?

The letters in Just So You Know are dedicated to a variety of important recipients including someone's mum, the art of drag, and even to themselves, in a heartwarming collection that aims to inspire more self-love and acceptance as well as giving these TikTok creators a way to share their stories in their own words.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, a trailer was shared to Amazon Prime Video's TikTok account.


We all have a love story the world needs to hear. Six love letters, six stories ❤️ #JustSoYouKnow #ModernLove

♬ original sound - Prime Video UK

In it, we get a glimpse of these creators and some of the profound words they've written, promising "six incredible stories" for viewers to tune into as well as giving a snippet of Daniel Molyneaux's soundtrack.

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