'Million Pound Pawn' on ITV — start date, premise and everything you need to know

Million Pound Pawn
The pandemic has seen more people turning to pawnbrokers. (Image credit: ITV)

Million Pound Pawn is the latest factual ITV series which explores the affects the pandemic has had on those with very valuable assets. UK pawnbrokers have been busier during this difficult time, and many have turned to them to help transform their valuables into cash. Throughout the series, we'll meet some interesting people and their valuable possessions. 

Kathy from May's Elite Finance says: "There are so many reasons clients come to us. Being even a small part in helping a client in any way is very rewarding. It gives me great pride in what I do. I absolutely adore my industry; I live and breathe it and have done all my life."

Here's everything you need to know about the series...

When is Million Pound Pawn on TV?

Million Pound Pawn airs on Tuesday February 23 at 8pm on ITV. It's a three part series and will be available on demand via ITV Hub after broadcast. 

What happens in Million Pound Pawn?

According to ITV, the official synopsis is as follows: "This fascinating new three-part ITV series opens the door to this fast moving and often lucrative industry, telling the story of people with incredible assets and the eye-watering stakes at play; for both the owners and pawnbrokers trying to close the deal and make a profit. 

"From the well-heeled entrepreneur looking to shore up their business, to the single Mum hoping to fund medical treatment for her son, we unearth the real life stories behind those walking through the pawnbroker’s door and how much they are hoping to raise by parting with their valuables."

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What things will we see in Million Pound Pawn?

The first episode of Million Pound Pawn will provide some real insight into what it's been like working in a pawnbrokers during the pandemic. One businessman tries to sell his exclusive Lamborghini, and divorcee Fran wants to sell a watch she inherited. The money could be life changing, but is the watch genuine?

We also meet Kathy who is one of just a few female pawnbrokers in the industry, and has recently set up a new company. We'll see her meeting with a former 80's pop star hoping to raise money to see him through these tough times.

The items featured in this series are of an incredibly high value, and ITV has teased that there's a "gold mine" of assets including helicopters, houseboats, designer watches and family jewels.