Rob & Dave’s Big Texas Rodeo — release date, what happens and all about the brothers' cowboy adventure

Rob & Dave’s Big Texas Rodeo sees the Yorkshire brothers in Texas for a spot of ranching on Channel 5.
Rob & Dave’s Big Texas Rodeo sees the Yorkshire brothers in Texas for a spot of ranching on Channel 5. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Rob & Dave’s Big Texas Rodeo is on Channel 5 so for us Brits it's time to shout 'Yee-haw, and hang on to your ten-gallon hats!'. 

The two-parter joins farming brothers Rob and Dave Nicholson, who are stars of The Yorkshire Vet and Springtime on the Farm, as they leave their Barnsley homestead to head to Texas, where everything is bigger and better and the cow is king. 

But this is no holiday and the hard-working farmers will definitely have to get their hands dirty, trying everything from modern-day cattle ranching to riding a mechanical bull.

“Texas is all about long-horns, ranching, the wilderness and cowboy boots,” says Dave. “It’s not a question of whether we’re ready for Texas, it’s whether Texas is ready for us.”

So here's everything you need to know about Rob and Dave’s Big Texas Rodeo on Channel 5...

Rob & Dave’s Big Texas Rodeo release date 

The first episode of Rob and Dave’s Big Texas Rodeo will air on Channel 5 on Tuesday, April 19 at 9pm. The second episode will follow the week after on Tuesday, April 26 at 9pm too. 

Is there a trailer for Rob & Dave’s Big Texas Rodeo? 

Sadly there's no trailer for Rob and Dave’s Big Texas Rodeo and it doesn’t look like Channel 5 will release one. Luckily there’s not long to go before we can watch the real thing. 

What happens in Rob & Dave’s Big Texas Rodeo? 

Brothers Rob and Dave Nicholson will leave their Yorkshire farm behind to travel 6,000 miles to the Wild West. There they will experience everything from a rodeo and a modern-day cattle drive to trying their hands at auctioneering and tackling the biggest steaks in the state. “To be on a quarter-horse, walking through the Wild West and living my cowboy dream is something I’ll never forget,” says Rob. 

Trekking by horse in Texas!

Trekking by horse in Texas! (Image credit: Channel 5)

Rob & Dave’s Big Texas Rodeo episode guide

Here's a guide to both episodes of Rob and Dave’s Big Texas Rodeo...

Episode 1: Tuesday 19 April
Rob and Dave head to the heart of Texas where they get kitted out in traditional cowboy get-up and join a cattle drive. They eat cowboy stew from a traditional chuck wagon and then head to a dude ranch, built for tourists. There the brothers ride quarter-horses through the wilderness. “I’ve not done much horse-riding,” says Rob. “And the way my hips are feeling I’m wondering if 53 is too old to start.” The pair have a go at archery and enjoy a traditional chili by a campfire. They then visit a livestock auction, and have a go at being auctioneers, before visiting The Forth Worth Stock Show, the world’s longest continuously running livestock show and rodeo. And to prove their worth Rob and Dave must hold on to their cowboy hats as they each try to ride a mechanical bull.

Episode 2: Tuesday 26 April
Rob and Dave set their sights on becoming genuine horseback gunslingers – only with balloons as targets rather than people! They try their hands at lassoing on a real-life ranch and visit Southfork, the setting for the 1980s American hit TV series Dallas. They also head to the location of JFK’s assassination in the city. After all that sightseeing, the boys must tackle a mammoth challenge by attempting to finish an 85-ounce steak in 75 minutes. Then they hit the dance floor at the biggest Honky Tonk in the world for some line-dancing. And as a final hurrah before they head back to Barnsley, Rob and Dave are guests of honour on a TV channel dedicated to life in the Wild West.  

Rob and Dave chilling with some chili by the camp fire.

Rob and Dave chilling with some chili by the camp fire. (Image credit: Channel 5)

More about Rob and Dave Nicholson

The boys run the working farm, Cannon Hall Farm near Barnsley with their father Roger and older brother Richard, who mostly deals with the marketing side of farm life. 

Rob and Dave are regulars on the Channel 5 shows Springtime on the Farm (which was recommissioned as This Week on the Farm) and The Yorkshire Vet. Their TV career started on The Farmers’ Country Showdown in 2017 and they also star in the series Winter on the Farm. 

They also appeared on Our Great Yorkshire Life which saw them investigating fishing off the coast of Whitby. 

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