Rochelle Humes: Interior Designer In The Making: air date, Q&A and everything we know

Rochelle Humes: Interior Designer in the Making
Novice interior designer Rochelle Humes helps families to transform their homes. (Image credit: UKTV)

After finding fame in pop bands S Club Juniors and The Saturdays, singer Rochelle Humes has gone on to have a successful career in TV, presenting shows such as BBC One’s music quiz The Hit List, which she co-hosts with her husband, JLS star Marvin. 

Now Rochelle is embarking on a completely different career as she turns interior designer to help 10 families transform problem spaces in their homes in W's new makeover show Rochelle Humes: Interior Designer In The Making.

Here's everything you need to know about the series and a Q&A with the woman herself…

Rochelle Humes: Interior Designer In The Making: Air Date

The 10-part series starts on W on Monday, June 13. 

Rochelle Humes: Interior Designer In The Making: More about what happens in the show

From a young age, the singer-turned-presenter has always been passionate about interior design and as an adult she has enjoyed renovating five of her own homes.

To add to her own experience of home renovation, Rochelle enrolled in an interior design course at the Design Centre in London’s Chelsea Harbour before filming the series.

In each episode, Rochelle visits a family at their home to check out the room or rooms that they want to transform.

After chatting to them about why they want a makeover and what they are hoping to achieve from it, Rochelle has to broach the difficult subject of money because the family will be using their own cash on the project which means she will have to work to a budget…

Throughout the series, Rochelle works with budgets big and small as she creates design solutions for the families that meets all their wants and needs… which often proves to be a bit of a challenge if the budget is low but expectations are high!

Rochelle Humes in Rochelle Humes: Interior Designer in the Making

Rochelle creates design solutions for families with problem spaces in their homes. (Image credit: UKTV)

Having visited the family at the home, Rochelle begins work on her design with help and guidance from her good friend and mentor, interior designer Sally O’Connor.

Before presenting her vision to the family, she invites them to join her at a gorgeous location she hopes will inspire and excite them. She’ll also be bringing along a mood box — a fully immersive design tool allowing them to see and feel the textures, colours and fabrics.

A few weeks later, Rochelle returns the property to see the completed project… but have they followed her design to the letter, or have they gone a bit off-piste?

Rochelle Humes: Interior Designer In The Making: what happens in episode one?

Rochelle Humes with Amie and Rob in Rochelle Humes: Interior Designer in the Making

Rochelle Humes helps Amie and Rob create a huge open-plan space for entertaining family and friends.  (Image credit: UKTV)

The series begins with Rochelle heading to the Isle of Sheppey in Kent to visit hairdresser Amie and her fire fighter husband Rob.

The couple live with their dogs, Albus the chihuahua and Pickle the chi-chi, in a detached bungalow where their home renovations have ground to a halt.

Rochelle discovers that the young couple have had a tough few years, particularly following the deaths of both Amie's dad and grandad.

The loss that Amie has suffered has made both her and Rob realise the value of family so they want to transform and reconfigure the kitchen, living and dining space to entertain their family and make precious memories.

Amie and Rob in Rochelle Humes: Interior Designer in the Making

Will Amie and Rob implement Rochelle's plan? (Image credit: UKTV)

Rob and Amie want to create a large open-plan sociable space by removing a supporting wall linking their kitchen, living room and conservatory, but Rochelle's plan leaves a small section of freestanding wall to zone the large space. 

After Rochelle presents her design solution to the couple, they head off to start work on the project but will they stick to Rochelle's plan or make a few tweaks of their own?

Rochelle Humes: Interior Designer In The Making: Q&A with Rochelle Humes

When did your love for interior design begin?

"Since I was very young, I’ve rearranged rooms, changed colour and pattern, and I loved renovating and decorating my own homes as an adult. I honestly believe if I wasn’t doing what I do now, it would have been something I would definitely have pursued."

What do you think sets this series apart from other home-makeover shows?

"I’m a novice interior designer and I’ve been thrown in at the deep end! Yes, I’ve done an interior design course, but it’s not my profession or trade; I’m still learning."

Can you tell us anything about the type of projects you take on?

"They are all very different. One might have a large budget, which means there are unlimited options and I can just have fun with it, or one might have a smaller budget, which is trickier. It might even be a rental home where they can’t do anything structurally but they want to make it feel like their own place."

The contributors all have different motives for needing a home makeover, don’t they?

"Yes, we had some contributors with quite emotional stories who wanted a fresh start. For example, in the first episode, we have Rob and Amie, who have sadly suffered quite a lot of loss in their family. And there’s also Matt and Helen, who have been through a terrible time while Helen received cancer treatment in lockdown."

How did you find the challenge of tackling these 10 projects?

"It’s been a lot of work and full-on, I’m not going to lie! I’ve never worked on a show before that’s been all-encompassing because I’m learning something new. Normally, when I take on a show, I’m hosting it and that is what I do, but this was completely different."

What were you most nervous about when you started each makeover?

"Playing with other people’s money! Yes, I’ve done my course and I like to think I know what I’m doing, but it’s money that isn’t mine. They have saved this money, so I really have to budget for them and make it work."

Did you get caught up in any style disagreements between any couples?

"You get that with every couple! There’s one episode where the couple have a disagreement about the budget. I was literally sitting in the middle, thinking, ‘This is so awkward!’ When you become an interior designer, you also become some sort of mediator. For me, it’s about keeping them both happy."

How do you feel when you return to see the finished project?

"I’m definitely a little bit anxious. They have to implement what I’ve sent and I have to trust that they are going to follow that, but they could get my scheme and then decide they don’t want to do it anymore. I could walk in to find something completely different!"

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