Spring Gardening with Carol Klein — release date, tips and advice and all about her new series

With her 2022 bloomers in Spring Gardening with Carol Klein on Channel 5.
With her 2022 bloomers in Spring Gardening with Carol Klein on Channel 5. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Spring Gardening with Carol Klein is about to blossom on Channel 5. Spring has finally sprung in 2022 and, luckily for us, gardening guru Carol is on hand to help us make the most of our outdoor spaces. In her new six-part series, filmed from her home Glebe Cottage in Devon, where Carol has tended her own grounds for more than 40 years, Carol gives tips and advice to everyone from complete novices to experienced gardeners. She'll also share what she’ll be doing in her own garden to get it looking tip-top before the warmer weather finally arrives.

 “There are few jobs to do that will get your garden back to its sparkling best for the new season,” reveals Carol. “This is the time, before everything really gets cracking, when you’ve got an opportunity not just to ‘spring clean’, but to do everything you can to give your plants the chance to grow for you as best they can, during this growing season from spring right the way through to next spring really. This means, giving them the best possible conditions, staying on top of weeding, finishing all your cutting back, and so on.”  

Here's everything you need to know about Spring Gardening with Carol Klein on Channel 5...

Spring Gardening with Carol Klein release date 

Spring Gardening with Carol Klein is a six-part series that starts on Channel 5 on Thursday April 21 at 7pm. Each episode (see our guide below) will then arrive on streaming service My5. So grab your trowel and prepare to be inspired.

What happens in Spring Gardening with Carol Klein? 

Spring Gardening with Carol Klein will take us all through spring, with Carol giving us a step-by-step guide on what jobs we need to be doing to get our gardens looking their best. She will be cutting back plants and grasses, sowing seeds, propagating plants and growing vegetables. She will also look at plants in the wild to provide gardeners with inspiration.

Carol says: “Going to look at plants growing in the wild gives you ideas about where that plant is going to love to live in your own garden, what conditions it needs to live and thrive. It’s a great way to learn how to work with nature, and that way, get the healthiest and happiest garden."

Time for planting in Spring Gardening with Carol Klein.

Time for planting in Spring Gardening with Carol Klein. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Spring Gardening with Carol Klein episode guide 

Here's our episode guide to the six-part Spring Gardening with Carol Klein which we'll update as the series progresses...

Episode 1: Thursday April 21 7pm
Carol embraces the first signs of spring in her garden at Glebe Cottage in Devon. She mourns the loss of a majestic beech tree but celebrates new beginnings as she teaches us how to cut back dried grasses. She shows us how to protect hellebores and how to propagate pulmonarias. Then it’s time to experiment with vegetables as she tries to grow as many veggies as possible in a small space, especially relevant to those with small gardens. 

Episode 2: Thursday April 28 7pm
Spring is really settling in at Carol’s garden at Glebe Cottage in Devon, and she’s celebrating some of the season’s most beautiful — and tiny — flowering treasures: how to choose them, how to plant them, and how to care for them so that they thrive and multiply, and provide a wonderful spring display year after year. Carol believes in studying all plants’ natural preferences: for her, it’s gardening rule number one. So she visits one of her favourite spring wildflowers in a local wood — the humble celandine — to see how it grows in its natural habitat.
Once back in the garden, she puts her research to good use, and gives a brilliant tip that will prevent this prolific species from running amok! And if you’ve never heard of hepaticas, you’ll be thrilled by Carol’s introduction to this gorgeous group of flowering spring treasures: they’re so easy to cultivate if you follow her advice. And if you do know this lovely plant family, there are some delicious varieties to enjoy that you’ve never seen before. 
Carol never neglects the vegetable patch: this week, she starts off her crop of tomatoes, one of Britain’s most popular choices when ‘growing your own’. And if, like Carol, you’ve saved some of last year’s bean crop, follow her step-by-step advice about how to grow the next one from your very own seed. 

Potting and prepping!

Potting and prepping!  (Image credit: Channel 5)

Is there a trailer for Spring Gardening with Carol Klein? 

We're not sure Channel 5 will release a trailer for Spring Gardening with Carol Klein. But if they do, we'll post it here. In the meantime, you can see Carol in action at Glebe Cottage in our first look pictures dotted around this feature.

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