'Summer on the Farm' — start date, hosts and all you need to know

Summer on the Farm Helen Skelton
Summer on the Farm host Helen Skelton is live from sunny Yorkshire. (Image credit: Channel 5)

People often say 'make hay while the sun shines'. Well, that's exactly what Helen Skelton and the gang will be doing all this week on Channel 5 as Summer on the Farm goes LIVE! 

Here's what we know so far…

When does Summer on the Farm start?

Summer on the Farm starts on Monday June 14, and airs all week until Friday at 8pm on Channel 5. And it’s all totally live!

There are currently no plans to show Summer on the Farm in the US.

Who are the hosts of Summer on the Farm?

Helen Skelton will be hosting alongside Jules Hudson as they join brothers Rob and Dave Nicholson at Cannon Hall Farm in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, which has been home to Springtime on the Farm for the past four years. 

"Being from a farming family myself, what I love about this show is that it’s celebratory and acknowledges how hard British farmers work; we live on a glorious little island and this programme showcases what we’ve got," says Helen. "This is the show viewers have come to love, with a summer spin on it!"

Summer on the Farm Rob Dave Nicholson

Helen and Jules will be joining Rob and Dave Nicholson on Cannon Hall Farm in South Yorkshire. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Are there any other familiar faces in Summer on the Farm?

JLS singer turned farmer JB Gill will be reporting from farms and food producers across the UK. There will also be plenty of help on hand from stars of The Yorkshire Vet, and Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen will also be stopping by. 

"Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda will be appearing with her son Ruben," says Helen. "How does she run a farm and raise nine children? I don’t know! She said to me once: 'The way to do it is to lower your expectations'. I look at Amanda as this rare animal and I am completely in awe of her."

Summer on the Farm JB Gill

JB Gill will be reporting from farms and food producers across the UK. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Summer on the Farm… is it tricky hosting a live show involving animals? 

They say never work with children or animals, so you think filming a live show on a farm could throw up all sorts of challenges. Not according to Helen. "The animals aren’t the problem, it’s stopping Rob, Dave and everyone else from getting the fits of giggles," she jokes. 

"Sometimes stuff happens with the animals and obviously we’re talking a lot about new life and animals giving birth, so there will be topics that make you smirk like a teenager. But this is live now, so you can’t cut anything out in the edit!"

Can we expect lots of new arrivals in Summer on the Farm?

As the weather warms up, we’re told to expect 'multiple births of a whole host of animals'.

"On the Springtime series, thankfully, all the animals really played ball because there were lambs and piglets popping out left, right and centre," recalls Helen. 

"Cannon Hall is an open farm, so we expect there will be lots of new arrivals this summer because that’s just the way their farming calendar works. So there WILL be animal births, I don’t know of what yet. We’ll have to wait and see…"

Summer on the Farm Rob Dave Nicholson

Rob, Dave and the team are expecting lots of new arrivals at Cannon Hall Farm this summer. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Summer on the Farm… can we expect any fun-filled challenges?

Yes! You can expect lots of fun and games as the Nicholson brothers go head-to-head in some wacky challenges, including an attempt at the National Welly Wang - otherwise known as wellington boot throwing - record.

"Rural communities often hold competitions like bale tossing and welly wanging," explains Helen."‘Just like any siblings, Rob and Dave love a bit of banter and a bit of rivalry, so the welly wanging should be fun. We all had a little practice in a field one day - I feel I’ve got to get involved, and show the boys how it’s done."

Summer on the Farm… why should you watch it?

Channel 5 has a plethora of farming shows - and it seems viewers can’t get enough!

"The popularity of this show has taken us all by surprise; we’re like: ‘Goodness, how many farming shows does one nation need,'" says Helen. "But I think people are interested in nature, sustainability and in knowing where their food comes from; people have a renewed interest in local food and local producers. 

"Growing up on a farm in rural Cumbria like I did, you can sometimes think it’s boring because it’s what everybody does. So it’s nice that everyone’s so interested all of a sudden. I also think many people have connected with this show because it’s reflective of what the entire nation’s been going through. It’s brought people together when they’ve needed it."

Catch Summer on the Farm all next week at 8pm on Channel 5.

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