That Dirty Black Bag: episodes, trailer, cast and everything we know about the western TV show

Dominic Cooper in western That Dirty Black Bag
Dominic Cooper in That Dirty Black Bag (Image credit: Stefano C. Montesi/AMC Plus)

The spaghetti western is making a comeback with the new TV show That Dirty Black Bag that is now streaming in the US, Canada and Australia.

Because That Dirty Black Bag was created by Italian filmmaker Mauro Aragoni and was filmed in Italy (as well as Spain and Morocco) it falls under the genre of spaghetti western. The most famous examples of the spaghetti western come from Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood — A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Want to see if That Dirty Black Bag can live up to the bar of those Leone movies? Here is everything you need to know about That Dirty Black Bag, from when and how you can watch it to who’s starring in it.

When is the next That Dirty Black Bag episode?

That Dirty Black Bag premieres its final of eight episodes on Thursday, April 28, on AMC Plus.

There is no word as of yet on when That Dirty Black Bag is set to debut for UK audiences. Though previous AMC Plus series Kin, starring Charlie Cox, Clare Dunne and Ciarán Hinds, eventually made its way to Prime Video for UK viewers about four months after it wrapped up season 1 on AMC Plus; so that could be a reference point for That Dirty Black Bag.

What is That Dirty Black Bag plot?

Dominic Cooper and Niv Sultan in western That Dirty Black Bag

Dominic Cooper and Niv Sultan in That Dirty Black Bag (Image credit: Stefano C. Montesi/AMC Plus)

That Dirty Black Bag will be an eight-part series that AMC Networks describes as "a raw, epic and romantic series about the dark side of the Far West" and pays homage to classic spaghetti westerns while also revolutionizing it for modern audiences.

The show will depict an eight-day clash between Arthur McCoy, an incorruptible sheriff with a troubled past, and Red Bill, an infamous, solitary bounty hunter who decapitates his victims and stuffs them in a dirty black bag because he says "heads weigh less than bodies." The tale features bounty hunters, bandits, bloody vendettas and those driven by faith, love and revenge. In this world, there are no heroes, nobody is invincible and predators become the prey.

Here are the synopses made available for That Dirty Black Bag episodes:

That Dirty Black Bag episode 1 — "Chapter One: A Head Weighs Less Than a Body"
"Far off in the West, bounty hunter Red Bill searches for the man who slew his mother; in nearby Greenvale, where it hasn't rained for years, local farmer Steve finds gold beneath his land; Sheriff McCoy comes upon a small fortune."

That Dirty Black Bag episode 2 — "Chapter Two: Prisoner"
"After Red Bill is captured, old memories come back to haunt him; McCoy comes upon Butler's farm; Steve and Eve's relationship woes intensify."

That Dirty Black Bag episode 3 — "Chapter Three: Alliances"
"Red Bill travels the barren wastes with McCoy and Kurt; in Greenvale, Eve's struggle to maintain her business is threatened; Thompson's claim to Steve's land is taken up a notch."

That Dirty Black Bag episode 4 — "Chapter Four: Genesis"
"Fifteen years earlier, Red Bill learns about being a man from a rugged Civil War veteran, Anderson; McCoy and his vile older brother, Bronson, must resort to increasingly dark means as they struggle to survive the desert."

That Dirty Black Bag episode 5 — "Chapter Five: Justice"
"Red Bill, McCoy and Kurt enter the mines, where trouble ensues; Eve faces dire consequences for her actions; a modern-day Bronson runs for governor."

That Dirty Black Bag episode 6 — "Chapter Six: To Hell"
"Rain comes to Greenvale, bringing with it great struggle; Bronson's men encounter McCoy and Red Bill; unexpected reunions abound."

That Dirty Black Bag episode 7 — "Chapter Seven: The Plan"
"In the wake of the shoot-offs with Bronson's men, Red Bill and McCoy must come together for a common goal; Thompson's pressure on Steve reaches a boiling point."

That Dirty Black Bag episode 8 — "The Great Duel"
"Red Bill and McCoy's quest for Bronson comes to a breaking point, as impossible decisions and realizations are made; Bronson takes a new step toward power; Steve faces Thompson in a final standoff."

Who is in That Dirty Black Bag cast?

The two main characters of That Dirty Black Bag are the sheriff Arthur McCoy, who will be played by Dominic Cooper, and the bounty hunter Red Bill, played by Douglas Booth.

Dominic Cooper is best known for his roles in the TV series Preacher and as playing the younger version of Howard Stark in Captain America: The First Avenger and Marvel TV shows like Agent Carter and What If…?. The British actor has also appeared in the Mamma Mia movies, The Devil’s Double and Warcraft.

Douglas Booth has starred in the likes of Noah, Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and the Netflix movie The Dirt.

Douglas Booth in western That Dirty Black Bag

Douglas Booth in That Dirty Black Bag (Image credit: Stefano C. Montesi/AMC Plus)

Additional cast members for That Dirty Black Bag include Niv Sultan (Tehran), Guido Caprino (The Miracle), Christian Cooke (The Promise), Travis Fimmel (Vikings), Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones), Paterson Joseph (The Leftovers), Rose Williams (Sanditon), Anna Chancellor (The Split), Zoe Boyle (Downton Abbey), Eugene Brave Rock (Wonder Woman 1984) and Ivan Shaw (Insecure). 

Is there a That Dirty Black Bag trailer?

There is an official trailer for That Dirty Black Bag and it promises a large-scale western with all the trimmings. Take a look directly below:

How to watch That Dirty Black Bag

That Dirty Black Bag is exclusively available to stream on AMC Plus. Anyone wanting to watch the western series will need to be a subscriber to the streaming service. FYI, a seven-day free trial for AMC Plus is available.

Once you are signed up for AMC Plus, subscribers can watch it through their TVs (Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku), computers (macOS, Chrome OS and Windows PC) or mobile/tablet devices (Amazon Fire Tablet, Android phone/tablet and iPhone/iPad).

The first episode of That Dirty Black Bag is currently available to watch for free for Prime Video subscribers.

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