The Airport: Back in the Skies — release date, interviews and everything we know

Jeremy Spake
Jeremy Spake is back at Heathrow in The Airport: Back in the Skies. (Image credit: BBC)

Jeremy Spake shot to fame in the 1990s when he featured on the long-running series Airport, one of the BBC’s very first fly-on-the-wall shows. Back then he was working as a ground services manager for the Russian airline Aeroflot. But he’s now back at Heathrow as its airport manager, taking us behind the scenes as the aviation industry recovers from the pandemic for a new six-part series. 

Jeremy Spake

Jeremy back in the day working for Russian airline Aeroflot. (Image credit: BBC)

When is The Airport: Back in the Skies on? 

The Airport: Back in the Skies is a six-part series that starts on BBC One on Monday, May 9 at 8.30pm. 

The episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer after transmission. 

What is The Airport: Back in the Skies about? 

The series sees Jeremy welcomed back by Heathrow's CEO and major airlines to discover the realities and key challenges they face. He spends time with their teams working in frontline roles throughout the airport and aircraft — from engineers to airside operations managers, lounge hosts to pilots, cabin crews retraining after redundancies to panicked passengers navigating their many passenger locator forms.

"While Covid has been truly devastating for the airline industry globally, it also provides a first chance in more than 20 years to reaffirm high standards, outstanding quality of service and perhaps most importantly gives us an opportunity to press the reset button, by under-promising and over-delivering to customers who are eager to reconnect with others face to face," says Jeremy. "I am delighted to be back at Heathrow and of course BBC One!"

Jeremy Spake

Jeremy Spake finds out how COVID has impacted the aviation industry. (Image credit: BBC)

What has Jeremy been up to since the 1990s series of Airport? 

Jeremy might not have been on our screens, but he certainly has been busy! "I have been travelling around the world, working for airlines and airports in various senior roles," he reveals. "It's been a busy 20-odd years!

"The show had a massive impact on my life back then. Even now I get asked 'Aren't you that bloke off The Airport series?' We went from everyday work to being household names. It changed my life!"

Is there a trailer for The Airport: Back in the Skies?

Not yet, but as soon as one is released we will update this page. 

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