'The Mallorca Files' Season 2: everything you need to know about the police drama

The Mallorca Files Season 2.
Elen Rhys and Julian Looman in The Mallorca Files. (Image credit: BBC)

The Mallorca Files Season 2 is being screened on BBC1, after a successful debut season in 2019. 

It's a must-watch for Death in Paradise fans too, as this series is also set on a sunny island and follows a British detective. It's an easy watch, as each episode follows a different case so the loose ends are tied up before the credits roll. So there's plenty of crime to sink your teeth into. 

The series follows a British police officer named Miranda Blake and a German detective named Max Winter. The two are very different, as Miranda is a workaholic and introverted, while Max is a lot more laid-back and follows gut instinct.

Here's everything you need to know about The Mallorca Files Season 2.

Where can we watch The Mallorca Files Season 2?

Season one of The Mallorca Files is currently available on iPlayer, and so are the first few episodes of season two. But if you're watching the show live, episodes of The Mallorca Files Season 2 air at 2:15pm on weekdays. The perfect mid-afternoon programme!



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What is The Mallorca Files about? 

In The Mallorca Files, Miranda Blake and Max Winter are teamed up by Inés Villegas, the Chief of Palma Police in Mallorca, to solve mysteries. They tend to solve crimes committed against the international community on the island. 

There's some humour mixed in with serious moments, and the creators have revealed they wanted to create something "feel good" that would work in the broadcaster's afternoon slot.

Cosmopolitan Pictures founder Ben Donald told TBI that the series came out of  "a desire to create a feel-good action-driven cop show like the ones I grew up with and, secondly, a desire to rebrand and refresh the Anglo-German relationship on television.”

And season two sees Miranda and Max tackle more crimes on the idyllic island.

Who stars in The Mallorca Files Season 2?

There's a great cast for The Mallorca Files, with Elen Rhys leading them as Miranda Blake. She's a Welsh actress who has starred in Broadchurch, Keeping Faith, Ordinary Lies, and Silent Witness. But who else is in the cast?

  • Elen Rhys (Broadchurch)
  • Julian Looman (Der Pass)
  • Maria Fernández-Ache (Holby City)
  • Tábata Cerezo (The Night Manager)
  • Alex Hafner  (Cable Girls)

In addition to the main cast, there has also been guest stars such as Antonio Valero, Ben Cura, José Luis García Pérez and Paulina Gálvez.