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'The Masked Singer': The top 10 most outrageous guesses by the judges

'The Masked Singer UK' host Joel Dommett and the season 3 panel.
'The Masked Singer UK' host Joel Dommett and the season 3 panel. (Image credit: ITV)

The Masked Singer UK, season 3, is keeping audiences on the edge of their seats as more famous faces hide under the most bonkers and brilliant costumes.

The greatest guessing game on TV tasks the panel – Mo Gilligan, Davina McCall, Rita Ora and Jonathan Ross in this current third series – to use their powers of deduction to work out who is hiding beneath the mask. 

And while there may be clues everywhere, sometimes the panel are more clueless than Columbo as they struggle to put an ID on the VIP.

Here is our list of some of the most outrageous and off the wall suggestions by the judges from all three UK series.

The ten most outrageous Masked Singer guesses!

Who's hiding beneath the mask? Definitely not this lot! In no particular order, here is our list of when the judges lose their marbles as they try and embrace their inner Miss Marple...

1. Ken Jeong questions if Queen Bee is Amal Clooney.

Ken Jeong in The Masked Singer

Ken Jeong definitely knows who it is this time! Honestly, he's definitely got it! Oh no, he's talking rubbish, again! (Image credit: ITV)

American actor and comedian Ken Jeong was a lively panellist for series one, which kicked off on our screens on Jan. 4, 2020.

After listening to Queen Bee perform a beautiful rendition of Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi, Ken leapt to his feet and said...

"This person helps other people. This person is a law maker, a law...yer, married to George Clooney. We've never heard her sing before because George won't let her!"

As his fellow panelists and the studio audience burst out laughing Ken continues with his playful rant. "He won't let her sing, she's got a hidden talent and that's why the sad face, she's like, 'I wanna sing but George won't let me. I'm Amal Clooney.'"

Queen Bee actually turned out to be former Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts and not the human rights lawyer who is married to Hollywood superstar George Clooney. Better luck next time Ken!

Queen Bee

Is that lawyer Amal Clooney? No, of course it's not! It's popstar Nicola Roberts hiding as Queen Bee. (Image credit: ITV)

2. Jonathan Ross suspects Swan is Gordon Ramsay.

Swan in The Masked Singer

Is that an elegant swan or an angry celebrity chef!? (Image credit: ITV)

If he's in any doubt who is hiding beneath the mask Jonathan Ross seems to think of his stomach and name a random celebrity chef — we've lost count of how many times he's said Mary Berry or Delia Smith!

But after hearing Swan belt out Shania Twain's That Don't Impress Me Much, he really went really off-piste when he said,

"There seemed to be a lot of references to America — liberty, independence. I'm thinking could it be Meghan Markle came back over?

"Or you mentioned calm," he continues as the crowd laughs, "and I think it's a double bluff again, you mentioned you were a calm person, probably not a calm person is Gordon Ramsay. He sings like a beautiful bird."

It was eventually revealed in episode three of the second series, which began on ITV on Dec. 26, 2020, that actor and singer Martine McCutcheon was Swan (definitely not a male, Scottish chef then!).

3. Ken Jeong believes Butterfly is Angela Lansbury

Butterfly in The Masked Singer.

Is this butterfly in her nineties? (Image credit: ITV)

No one is ever so sure about his guesses as Ken Jeong and no one is ever quite so spectacularly wrong. But if there were marks for enthusiasm then Ken would always be top judge! 

Thinking he has definitely worked out who Butterfly is in series 1, he jumped to his feet and claimed with impressive confidence....

"I know who this is! This person has lived in the States for a long time, came back, ok, Angela Lansbury!

"Hear me out, hear me out, Murder, She Wrote, deported she wrote, she was deported from the US back here so she could resume her career as an old timer DJ and let me tell you she came back triumphantly as a butterfly. Angela Lansbury welcome home!"

For anyone a little confused by Ken's ramblings (and who isn't!?), Angela Lansbury is an iconic actress who is probably best known for the long-running TV series Murder, She Wrote, where she played writer and sleuth Jessica Fletcher. During filming of series 1 of The Masked Singer UK, Angela would have been 95-years-old, which would have been impressive.

Butterfly turned out to be former EastEnders actor Patsy Palmer, who was unmasked in episode one after belting out You've Got the Love by Florence and the Machine.

4. Jonathan Ross hopes Harlequin is Justin Timberlake. 

Harlequin in The Masked Singer.

Rock Your Body Harlequin! (Image credit: ITV)

In series 2 Harlequin sang a heartfelt version of Diamond by Rihanna. The panel were flummoxed with no one connecting Harlequin's distinctive voice with the celeb hiding beneath her elaborate costume. 

Davina took a wild guess at the singer Beverley Knight, while Mo thought it might be I'm a Celeb… star and Queen of the Jungle Scarlett Moffatt and Rita reached for the stars with her guess of singer Tracy Chapman. 

But following a clue, which was, "I once played a male lead in a musical," Jonathan Ross went a little bit left-field when he said.

"Well, it might be we are barking up the wrong tree and it may be it is a man? In the clues earlier on we saw a thing that said, 'breaking news just in' and at first I thought maybe it is a newsreader? But it did say, 'just in' so I wonder if it could be Justin Timberlake?"

Harlequin was eventually revealed in the semi-final to be singer Gabrielle. 

5. Mo Gilligan muses that Mushroom is Greta Thunberg

Masked Singer Mushroom

Having fun as a fungus, could Greta be hiding beneath? (Image credit: ITV/Bandicoot TV)

This is a risky one, as at the time of writing Mushroom is still going strong in the Masked Singer UK season 3, but Greta Thunberg!? Surely the eco-campaigner has better things to do than dress up as a giant fungus and prance about on stage?

But Mo was convinced that under all that moss was the Swedish eco-warrior. 

"Someone who likes the earth, who does like the earth?" he asked in episode one of the current series. 

"And then I heard the accent, you guys were hearing Lancashire and when she started singing I was hearing Scandinavian and I think it could be Greta Thunberg. A fun guy, fungus, Thunberg."

It's a bit of a stretch to say that just because her name sounds a little bit like 'fungus', Greta is hiding beneath the mask. But who knows, maybe she's decided appearing on The Masked Singer UK is the best way to draw attention to her environmentalist causes?

While we suspect Mo is a little bit off the mark with his guess, at least it was marginally better than Jonathan's. In response to Mushroom saying, "I just wanna bring peace and love man," Jonathan decided he'd worked it out, "I think it might be Liam Gallagher, it's the hair!" Thanks Jonathan!

6. Rita Ora decides Daisy is Meghan Markle.

Daisy in The Masked Singer.

Bringing some flower power to the hit show.  (Image credit: ITV)

In series one, Daisy's first song was Can't Feel My Face by The Weekend. Rita was convinced that Daisy was royalty. "It could be, she's married, came over here and was trying to start a new life and has a whole family now. I mean it's Meghan Markle, it's the Markle sparkle."

While Jonathan often turns to celebrity chefs when he's stumped, Rita goes with the royal theme as she also thought Queen Bee from series one could be Princess Beatrice.  And sticking to the British Royal family, which is utterly bonkers because they really need the extra publicity right now, don't they? But in the current series Jonathan thought that Traffic Cone could be Prince Harry. Obviously because a cone shape is a bit like a crown and Prince Harry has orange hair! 

Daisy was actually American singer Kelis, who was unmasked in episode five.

7. Jonathan Ross figures Fox is Matt Lucas.

Fox in The Masked Singer.

Foxy lady? Or a male comedian? Jonathan is out-foxed by Fox. (Image credit: ITV)

With a powerful and versatile voice, Fox out-foxed the panel week after week as they belted out Call Me by Blondie and then On the Radio by Donna Summer. In episode five they sang On My Own from the hit musical Les Misérables, which made Jonathan think of a celeb who had also starred in the hit musical. 

"That was a song from Les Mis and I've seen this person, not doing this part, but I've seen this person singing beautifully on stage in Les Mis. It's Matt Lucas!"

Fox proved to be one of the toughest celebs to guess, although the brilliant Ken Jeong also thought he had it when he said…

"I know exactly who this is! This game is so easy when you put your mind to it. Someone who is an amazing musical stage actress, someone like Elaine Paige!

"Even though I know she starred in Cats but this was the only outfit available." Thanks for coming Ken!

Fox was eventually unmasked in episode seven of the first series revealing actress Denise van Outen. 

8. Jonathan Ross ponders if Pharaoh is Ann Widdecombe.

Pharaoh in The Masked Singer.

Walk like an Egyptian, Pharaoh takes to the stage. (Image credit: ITV)

In series one the panel were taken aback by the brilliant costume and unique singing voice of Pharaoh. They sang Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangles and the clues included them playing a guitar and saying that they used to see the Queen everyday and that their previous employment was also a piece of furniture.

Davina was quick to guess that this was someone from the Cabinet with politician Ed Balls being her guess. Jonathan picked up on the government theme and then predictably took it too far!

"I'm also thinking parliament, also a great rocker, it's Ann Widdecombe!"

Pharaoh turned out to be Labour politician Alan Johnson, who was unmasked in the second episode of the series.

9. Rita Ora suspects Sausage is Kirstie Allsopp.

Joel Dommett and Sausage on The Masked Singer.

She's got a pretty tasty voice and costume, but is the 'Location, Location, Location' presenter hiding underneath? (Image credit: ITV)

The eventual winner of series 2, Sausage, opened episode three with a show-stopping performance of And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going by Jennifer Hudson. The panel were amazed by her vocal abilities but stumped by who had a voice with so much range and power?  

The clue package made reference to Sausage loving a bit of DIY, which got Rita thinking that hiding beneath that tasty costume was a property expert.

She said. "I thought it was maybe someone who does interior shows but who actually has a killer voice that no one knows about, so, she does Location, Location, Location and her name is Kirstie Allsopp."

We're not sure why anyone would want to hide a singing voice as brilliant as Sausage, but the identity of this celeb had the panel in a real tizz. She was eventually revealed in the final to be singer Joss Stone

10. Rita Ora reveals Robobunny is Elon Musk.

The Masked Singer contestant Robobunny — a rabbit sitting in a robot suit!

Is one of the richest men in the world hiding beneath the mask? (Image credit: ITV)

In the first episode of the new series, the panel and all of us watching at home were blown away by the talent of Robobunny. Is it a man? A woman? Both? The panel had absolutely no idea who could be hiding beneath the mask. 

After they sang Saving All My Love for You by Whitney Houston, Davina thought it could be the singer Drake or Robot Wars host Dara Ó Briain. Mo thought it could be the actor Vinnie Jones because he starred in the film Mean Machine, while Jonathan was hoping for Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Rita loved Robobunny's costume saying, "First of all, this is by far one of my favorite outfits that I've seen on The Masked Singer. It's so good."

She added. "I'm thinking more like cars, like Top Gear, ok, like Paddy McGuinness, I'm going with that."

But then after Robobunny revealed a QR code on his back, which said, "I might be made of metal but that doesn't stop me making a splash."

Rita blurted out, "I think it is Elon Musk," although she's not entirely sure why one of the richest men in the world would be disguised as a giant robot/rabbit, but maybe he had some time to kill? 

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