Who was Robobunny in ‘The Masked Singer’ UK?

The Masked Singer UK - Robobunny costume
Robobunny was ready to storm 'The Masked Singer' UK stage in all of their robot glory! (Image credit: ITV)

The Masked Singer UK finally saw the unmasking of Robobunny, who was praised as being one of the best contestants yet, as well as having one of the most spectacular costumes. 

Robobunny came third in the competition, eventually being exposed as Mark Feehily from Westlife — which a lot of people managed to guess! But as the show comes to an end, let's take a look at people's guesses over the last few weeks...

The Masked Singer Mark Feehily as Robobunny

Robobunny was unmasked as Mark Feehily! (Image credit: ITV)

Who is Robobunny in ‘The Masked Singer’ UK? Songs...

Week one saw Robobunny perform Saving All My Love For You by Whitney Houston.

Robobunny sang Shallow from A Star Is Born for week two. 

In week 3, as part of their clue package, Robobunny sang Dynamite by BTS.

Robobunny performed The Music Of The Night by Andrew LLoyd Webber in week 4.

Over The Rainbow by Ariana Grande was the song Robobunny sang for week 5. 

Who is Robobunny in ‘The Masked Singer’ UK? Verbal clues…

This clue doesn’t give much away for who could be donning this extreme costume, as it says: “Is it a robot? Is it a bunny? No! It’s Robobunny.”

If we focus our attention onto the robot part of the clue, it could indicate someone who has starred in shows to do with science or technology, for example, Craig Charles. Craig is known for his role as Dave Lister in the science fiction sitcom Red Dwarf and is also a host on The Gadget Show. He also did hosting duties on Robot Wars from series 2 to series 7, as well as Robot Wars Extreme- so it seems he knows a lot about gadgets and robots, but would that be enough for him to actually become one?

Angela Scanlon was also a presenter on Robot Wars, could she be the one to turn herself into this robot bunny hybrid costume? 

Comedian Richard Ayoade - also rumored to be the next Doctor Who - has explored different technology formats over the years and is best known for his socially awkward IT technician character Maurice Moss in the hit Channel 4 sitcom The IT Crowd. He also starred in the TV series Gadget Man, where he showed viewers the world of new gadgets and technology.

Richard Ayoade

Richard Ayoade has dived into the world of gadgets before - but would he transform himself into a robot bunny? (Image credit: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images)

Who is Robobunny in ‘The Masked Singer’ UK? Costume clues… 

Looking at the costume, it appears similar to a transformer. Although comedian, actor and writer Stephen Merchant was never in any of the Transformers films (it would have been great to see that), there were rumours circulating that he would be cast in a supporting role for Transformers: The Last Knight, which sadly never happened. This may be far-fetched, but it would be a funny way to pay tribute to a part that could have been. 

Stephen Merchant, writer, director and star of The Offenders

Maybe Stephen Merchant could be a different type of transformer this time! (Image credit: Gilles Mingasson/ABC via Getty Images)

Who is Robobunny in ‘The Masked Singer’ UK? Show clues… 

Robobunny started off their clue package in a menacingly deep robotic voice! “Salutations, humans. Allow me to introduce myself,” but as Robobunny went on to explain who they were, they began to malfunction. “I am Ro-bo-bo-bo…bunny!” they then said in their normal voice coming from the bunny part of the costume.

“You thought it was a real tough guy, eh?” Robobunny quipped. The judges began to assume that it was an American who was male due to the voice, with Mo Gilligan suggesting that it “could be someone who’s a hard man.” But Rita Ora thought it sounded like a fake accent.

“Well that’s just my shell,” Robobunny continued, “I’m actually a real softy who’s part of the machine.” The judges started to feel conflicted as to whether Robobunny was a man or woman.  

“Now, I’m not gonna rabbit on about hard exteriors…” we then saw Robobunny being sprayed with Peroxide, could this be a big hint? “But I will say that I’m here to control alt delete what you know about me. So buckle up because I came to play. Let’s hop to it!” 

The judges, as well as the viewers at home were well and truly stumped when Robobunny performed their rendition of Saving All My Love For You by Whitney Houston with two different voices! One seemed to be a deep male voice, meanwhile we were stunned to hear a different high pitched voice coming from the bunny, possibly from a woman? Does this mean that there could be two people in the costume?! Maybe a man and a woman?

After the judges made their guesses, Robobunny revealed a QR code on their back that host Joel Dommett scanned to unveil yet another clue. The clue hinted: “I might be made of metal but that doesn’t stop me making a splash.” Diver Tom Daley perhaps?

Week 2 show clues...

We welcomed back Robobunny to the competition for yet another remarkable performance. "In my first performance, my mettle was tested as the panel tried to get a laser focus on the person behind the Bunny. They hit me with their best shots. But they'll need to swing bigger to land a hit on this rabbit."

"Doing what I do, it can feel like everyone wants a piece of you, literally." Robobunny then walked past a police badge, cowboy boots and a Native American headdress. Looking at the clues, Davina pointed out that they "must be an actor." 

"I'm talking "hair" today, gone tomorrow. So it's nice when I get the time to head back to base and enjoy some time on the ranch," they revealed. Next up we saw a construction hat and Mo was quick to realise that the clues were about the musical group, Village People. "Nothing makes me happier than standing on my deck, with nothing around me but a little bit of country," Robobunny continued. 

Rita suggested that she thinks they could be a country singer, but Mo reckoned that they could be someone from a different country. "Now, I might be a small bunny in a big mechanical suit, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a good boogie. You're really wondering who I am right now, aren't you? Well, get in line." Davina then mentioned line dancing, before a poster was shown demonstrating how to do the "Line Dancing Dosey Doe." 

"I'm taking to the stage again, so get ready, here we go. Five, six, seven, eight..." 

As Robobunny took to the stage, Davina was certain that it was a man, whereas Jonathan said, "I think it's a man, let's hear the singing again tonight." 

Robobunny's two lies and a truth were set to confuse us all as the first clue was revealed to be: "These metal shoes are made for more than moonwalking." The second one was: "I'm not one for revenge but I'll always get payback," and thirdly, "It was a knock out performance that launched my career." Which one could be the truth?

Week 3 show clues...

As well as the usual clue package, the songs the contestants sang were also a clue to their identity.

Fan-favorite Robobunny was up first with their clue package, starting off with: "In my last performance, the panel were deeply moved by my version of Shallow. But they've still not even given one name that's close. I love it!"

Davina McCall was quick to mention that she reckons Robobunny is a woman, with Robobunny going on to say, "It's well known that rabbits come from big families, and this bunny is no exception." Jonathan Ross questioned, "Big families. Who's got a big family who we know in showbiz?" 

"You could definitely say it was Poppa Bunny that inspired my talent," Robobunny continued, as they walked past a pair of pink boxing gloves with the initials M and A on them. "And that's the gospel truth," Rita Ora then pointed out that they could be talking about gospel music. 

"You want another truth? Sometimes people have said, 'Isn't SHE good?'" The judges were stunned by this clue, making them even more confused as to whether Robobunny was a man or a woman. 

"Confused? Great!" Robobunny signed off, before performing their rendition of Dynamite by BTS. What could that clue possibly mean?!

Week 4 show clues...

Last up to sing this week was Robobunny, who also gave us double the hints to try and help us solve his identity.

"Last time I sung Dynamite. Have they rumbled this rabbit? I'm not telling. Being a Robobunny...hey, can I get some help over here?" Robobunny said as his suit powered down. Once someone swooped in to help, we noticed that they were holding a cup with the word "Joe" across it. Guest judge Olly Alexander pointed out that it could mean cup of Joe.

"Thank you. As I was saying, being a bunny, sometimes your batteries can feel a little bit drained." We were then shown Robobunny being charged up by a computer with the letters "D.I.V.A." on it. Jonathan Ross mentioned that maybe the word "diva" was in the title of a show. "And you need to take the time out to recharge, otherwise you could shut down completely," Robobunny continued. 

Mo Gilligan said that it could be someone who had a "mad career" and reinvented themselves. "Hitting the reset button might seem like a scary thing to do, but it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. And I couldn't be happier. Tonight, I'm all charged up and ready to put on a show."

Another clue was a video on Robobunny's social media, where he said: "You guys have been asking how you can get built like me. I never leave the hutch without carrot capsules. Great for the eyesight. And grease — that's great for oiling those squeaky joints. The link's in my bio." As he revealed this, he pointed to a container of Carrot Capsules, a can of Grease, and a health bar. Could this mean they're a fitness fanatic?!

Week 5 show clues...

It was Robobunny's time to shine once again in the semi finals. But, let's take a look at his latest clue package...

"The panel still can't place the voice. And I'm not planning on getting busted anytime soon. Everyone knows a bunny's got a tail, but this bunny's got tales to tell, and I've got a very special way of doing that." A jetpack was then shown with the writing "Jetpack-Year-3000" on the side, which Jonathan Ross instantly pointed out the song Year 3000 by Busted. 

"Stories are personal things," Robobunny continued, "and even though you might read plenty about me, being able to put things in my own words, in my own voice, has always been very rewarding. A notebook with the words "Rabbit" scrawled all over the page was then shown, but circled on the page was "Ribbit." Mo Gilligan thought that it could mean the person has a catchphrase. "You can do whatever you like with words. They can express emotions, take you to far-off places, and let you soar to great heights. Tonight, my performance will be filled with plenty of rocket fuel."

After, it was time for ITV Clues at Ten, with the headline: "Hot Cross Bunny" across the bottom of the screen. "It was a case of Easter coming early for one rabbit this year, when thy discovered that they were going to be immortalised in the Easter Hall of Fame," the newsreader said.

"Local artisans will sculpt the heavy metal icon out of the traditional ingredients found in Easter eggs. One woman said, 'Seeing him up there in chocolate will melt my heart.'"

The panel were also allowed to ask one question and they decided to ask Robobunny if he was American, to which he responded with: "I can't tell you where I'm from but I have circumnavigated the world over ten times."



Who is Robobunny in ‘The Masked Singer’ UK? Theories…

The judges were blown away by the unexpected twist and Davina McCall was unsure whether Robobunny was a man or a woman, but she made a guess at Drake due to his song Controlla after focusing on the “control alt delete” part of the clue. She then decided to go with Dara O Briain due to his role on Robot Wars. Mo Gilligan guessed Vinnie Jones and Jonathan Ross went with Drake. Finally, Rita Ora went for Paddy McGuinness and Jonathan jokingly suggested that Jeremy Clarkson could be in the costume.

However, when the final clue was revealed, Rita changed her mind and guessed Elon Musk!

Meanwhile, many fans at home were quick to suggest that Robobunny was Richard Ayoade, with some even suggesting that it could be Westlife singer Mark Feehily. 

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Week 2 theories...

Jonathan was up first with his guessing expertise and he went for music legend Billy Ray Cyrus, while Rita went for The Script lead singer, Danny O'Donoghue. Mo decided to go for actor Richard Blackwood and Davina also suggested an actor— Kevin Bacon.

Fans are certain that Robobunny is Mark Feehily— could their identity finally be rumbled? Of course, not everyone will agree that Mark is behind the mask, there's even someone saying it's Craig David!

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Week 3 theories...

Rita guessed Will Smith, due to his role in the Muhammad Ali movie and the clue of M and A on the boxing gloves, and Davina went for Toni Braxton. However, the audience didn't seem too impressed by Mo Gilligan's guess of Joe Jonas and Jonathan suggested Jason Derulo.

More guesses plagued social media once again, but some are still convinced that it's Mark from Westlife. However, some fans have decided to go with singer (and Michael Jackson's brother!) Jermaine Jackson as their guess and their assumption does look promising!

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Week 4 theories...

Olly Alexander went for Alfie Boe, and Rita Ora guessed Jason Derulo. Next up, Mo suggested Nile Rogers, and Jonathan decided to go with Donny Osmond or Shane Richie. Lastly, Davina McCall said Matt LeBlanc.

Fans aren't budging on their guess of Mark Feehily, but one Twitter user has guessed Joe Jonas! Could she be right?!

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Week 5 theories...

Dame Joan Collins joined the panel as a guest judge for the semi final and she guessed Tony Hadley, meanwhile Davina McCall went with Charlie Simpson. Mo then decided to go with Donny Osmond and Jonathan said Michael Crawford. Rita Ora then suggested Mark Feehily from Westlife, which is what fans at home have also been saying throughout the competition.

However, some fans are now saying that they think it could be John Barrowman!

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The new series of The Masked Singer continues on ITV — see our TV Guide for full listings.

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