Wildcat — release date, first looks and what happens in this documentary about a former soldier saved by an orphaned ocelot

Wildcat on Prime Video follows British military veteran Harry Turner as he cares for Keanu the orphaned ocelot.
Wildcat on Prime Video follows British military veteran Harry Turner as he cares for Keanu the orphaned ocelot. (Image credit: Prime VIdeo)

Wildcat on Prime Video will be sure to get you emotional. They say never work with animals or small children but for former British military man Harry Turner, saving an orphaned ocelot — a small spotted wildcat found in the wilds of South America — proved to be the thing that saved his life. 

After joining the military at 18 and serving in Afghanistan, Harry had to be medically discharged and was left with severe PTSD, depression and suicidal thoughts. Wanting to get away from it all, he headed into the Peruvian jungle where he met US scientist Samantha Zwicker. She had just rescued an orphaned ocelot called Keanu and had an ambitious plan to rewild the animal. 

Wildcat is a touching documentary follows her and Harry’s journey as they teach Keanu how to be a wild animal, but it also shows how looking after Keanu helped Harry to heal as well. “He’s saving me and I’m saving him,” says Harry. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Prime Video documentary Wildcat

It's the start of a beautiful friendship.

It's the start of a beautiful friendship. (Image credit: Prime Video)

Wildcat release date 

Wildcat is a one-off documentary film that launches worldwide on Prime Video from December 30 2022. It opens before, with a limited theatrical release in cinemas on December 21 2022.

Is there a trailer for Wildcat?

Yes there's a Wildcat trailer released by Amazon Prime Video, and it looks both amazing and emotional. We see Harry in the Peruvian jungle sobbing, “I’m in the most beautiful place in the world and I can’t be happy.” But slowly, through his bond with Keanu, his life takes on a new purpose and brings him some salvation. Take a look below...

Wildcat follows young British military veteran Harry as he tries to escape his mental health issues by fleeing to a remote part of Peru. “I felt that life wasn’t worth living and maybe I should just go where no one knows if I’m alive and no one knows if I’m dead,” he says. 

Then Harry met US scientist Samantha Zwicker and together the pair try to rehabilitate an orphaned ocelot called Keanu. And as they teach the baby how to hunt, how to avoid the dangers of the jungle and how to survive without human intervention, Harry too finds his mental wounds healing. "That’s when my life took a turn,” he says. 

We follow Keanu’s progress and his remarkable bond with Harry, but we also see a burgeoning romance between Harry and Samantha. “I feel like I’ve done something good,” says Harry. 

Wildcat on Prime Video follows Harry and Keanu the orphaned ocelot.

British military veteran Harry feels much better after caring for Keanu the ocelot. (Image credit: Prime Video)

Samantha with Keanu.

Samantha with her precious wild cat Keanu. (Image credit: Prime Video)

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