‘Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway’: air date, what happens, first looks, and all about the medical series where people can see inside their bodies

'Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway' on BBC2 is hosted by Kate accompanied by health expert Dr Guddi Singh.
'Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway' on BBC2 is hosted by Kate accompanied by health expert Dr Guddi Singh. (Image credit: BBC)

Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway on BBC2 shows us a minor medical miracle. Just imagine that we could better understand our health conditions simply by looking inside our own bodies. Now, this groundbreaking new BBC2 series allows patients to do just that, thanks to some incredible state-of-the-art 3D technology. Each week, presenter Kate Garraway meets patients with everyday medical conditions and, together with consultant Dr Guddi Singh from Trust Me, I’m A Doctor fame, guides them through an immersive journey inside their own bodies to help better understand their illnesses.

“Having a serious health condition is terrifying,” says Kate, 54. “When my husband Derek was diagnosed with Covid-19 that fear was made even harder to bear because I didn’t understand what was going on inside his body. Making this series has been an absolutely fascinating process. The incredible augmented reality technology has allowed our contributors to get the most mind-blowing medical consultations, opening their eyes, and mine, to what is going on inside their bodies."

So here's everything you need to know about Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway on BBC2...

‘Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway’ release date

Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway is a six-part medical series that launches on BBC2 on Wednesday March 2 at 8.30pm. The series will also be available on BBCiPlayer. We will update if there's an international air date.

Take a look inside your body, virtually in 'Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway'.

Taking a look inside one's body, virtually, in 'Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway'. (Image credit: BBC)

Is there a trailer for 'Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway'?

Yes you can take a sneak peek at what happens in Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway in the trailer released by the BBC below...

Dr Guddi Singh reveals what happens in ‘Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway’

Dr Singh says: "The 3D images of the patients’ bodies are incredible. As a doctor, it sometimes feels that language isn’t up to the job of truly explaining what is happening inside the gloriously complex human body. How amazing, then, to have a tool that allows realistic, accurate and personal images to do some of the job for you! When you’re ill, the first step towards recovery is coming to terms with your diagnosis, and I think being able to see, literally, what’s going on inside your own body gives patients the understanding to really do that. But this isn’t just for patients – the truth is, despite all my years of medical training, I’d never seen the human body quite like I did on this show. Being on this show has been a real first for me. I’ve never experienced health in this way, and it’s been an eye-opener."

What is it about augmented reality that helps patients better understand their illnesses?
Dr Singh says: "So many of us tend to put off seeing our doctors, or simply deny that there’s anything wrong. Confronting our conditions, face-to-face with these incredible 3D images, means there’s nowhere to hide. And that can prompt patients to ask really difficult questions. Armed with more knowledge about their own bodies, I saw patients ask not just about their treatment and recovery, but also about life death and everything in between. The power of this technology is that it allows doctors and patients to talk about the stuff that really matters."

What are your personal stand-out moments from the series?
Dr Singh says: "There have been so many, not least the look on all the patients’ faces when they first came face-to-face with their own bodies in larger-than-life technicolor. But in the first episode we meet Hilda, who had one of the worst cases of fibroids her consultant had ever seen. My mouth literally dropped when we were treated to augmented reality image of what it would look like to have all her 90-plus fibroids lined up in a row. But even more astounding was just how different Hilda seemed when I met her after her operation to remove them. The physical transformation alone was mind-boggling, but what brought tears to my eyes was just how much more alive and whole she seemed, too. She was a different woman!"

Do you think this type of technology could end up being used in the medical field?
Dr Singh says: "Modern medicine has given doctors loads of tools for diagnosis, but until now very few tools to help convey that information to patients. When you’re sick, there’s a power imbalance – the doctor has all the knowledge and patients can feel like they have very little say over what’s happening to them. It’s like you are giving up control to a total stranger. This technology is exciting for its potential to give patients a voice, a way for them to engage with their health care without feeling like an outsider. For me, it’s ultimately about patient empowerment. This technology can help us move from thinking about illness as something that’s happening to us, towards something we can engage with and get involved in."|

What would you like viewers to take away from the show?
Dr Singh says: "This show is a glimpse into all the best that healthcare has to offer – cutting edge technology, with experts in the field and patient stories that resonate with us all. When you watch this show I hope you come away reminded just how fragile and precious our health can be, and just how lucky we are to live in a country where we can access the best medical care in a public, free-at-the-point-of-access health service. Ultimately this show is about empowerment of ordinary people to take charge of their own lives, and about the wonder of the human body!"

Hip bone anyone?

Hip bone anyone? ‘Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway’ reveals our bodily secrets.  (Image credit: BBC)

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