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Sarah Parish: I've taken over TV! (PHOTOS)

Sarah Parish is in not one, not two, but three top dramas next week.

The 45-year-old actress jokes to TV Times that viewers will be shouting "Get her off!" as she appears in Atlantis (Saturday, BBC1), Poirot (Wednesday, ITV) and Breathless (Thursday, ITV).

"I didn't realise they were all coming out at the same time," laughs Sarah. "I would have tried to stagger it a bit for the sake of the poor audience. They'll be going: 'Get her off!'"

In Atlantis, Sarah stars as the evil Queen Pasiphae, while in Breathless she's glamorous man-eater Margaret.

Sarah is particularly excited about her guest role as ageing actress Flossie Monro in The Big Four, the latest Poirot murder mystery.

"I was really itching to do a Poirot, so I've just got in there before it ends [in a few weeks with Curtain]."    

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