Best 4K Streaming Options in 2020

As 4K televisions have hit the market, streaming hardware has been released to pair with them. You've got tons of options at your fingertips, enough so that it can be difficult figuring out where to start. We can help - we'll go over some of the best streaming devices on the market.

  • Perfect for PC Gamers: Nvidia Shield TV
  • Stream on Android: Chromecast Ultra
  • Simple and Powerful: Roku Ultra
  • Stream on iOS: Apple TV 4K (64 GB)
  • Prime Viewing With Amazon: Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K
  • 4K Streaming Plus Amazon Echo: Amazon Fire TV Cube
  • Stream and Game: Xbox One X

Our Personal Recommendations

If you own a desktop PC with an Nvidia graphics card, the Nvidia Shield TV is a no-brainer. It's got the same streaming capabilities as the other devices on the list and augments that with access to Nvidia's huge library of PC games. Better yet, the capacity to stream from your PC to your TV using the game controller included in the box means you can relax on your couch while you game, rather than scrunching up at your desk.

For those of you with an Alexa-enabled smart home (or who are looking to set one up), the Fire TV Cube is the way to go. It combines the functionality of the Fire TV Stick with an Amazon Echo Speaker, for all your Alexa-related needs.

Finally, if you (like most people) own an Android device and use Google Chrome, the Chromecast Ultra won't disappoint. The ability to cast directly from the Google Chrome browser means you can stream a nearly infinite selection of content, and the fact that you can control your TV from your phone (almost) makes up for the lack of remote control.