Casualty star Amanda Henderson: ‘You think Robyn is dead!’

Casualty star Amanda Henderson: ‘You think Robyn is dead!’
(Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

Casualty star Amanda Henderson reveals the future may be short-lived for newlyweds Robyn and Glen…

Things look grim for Glen and Robyn, following last week’s cliffhanger in Casualty.

When newlyweds Robyn and Glen Miller set off for their honeymoon, bride Robyn hadn't a care in the world. This week both Robyn and Glen get to grips with the prospect of ‘till death do us part’ far too soon in their marriage…

Here we talk to Casualty star Amanda Henderson, who plays nurse Robyn Miller, about filming those shocking car crash scenes and what the outlook is for Robyn and Glen.

Hours after tying the knot Robyn and Glen are left fighting for their lives together

Hours after tying the knot Robyn and Glen are left fighting for their lives together (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

How was it filming the car crash stunt?

"I loved it. I got to do a little bit of stunt driving, which was really exciting! I was terrified as I was wearing Robyn’s wedding heels. I’d never drive in heels in my own car!"

What did the stunt involve?

"I’d to do an emergency break. Then we did the spinning of the car, which was quite fun! Owain [Arthur, who plays Glen] and me were in this tiny, old car with the camera team literally behind us. There wasn’t much room once the camera, microphones and all the kit was in there with us all!"

Did you have to close a road off for the day?

"Yes, there’s a bit of unused road that we got to use. I dread to think how many cars Casualty have been through in 31 years. I’m glad my insurance isn’t affected!"

Can you tell us where this dramatic story picks up next week?

"We literally pick up where we left off. Robyn and Glen are not in a very pleasant state, I have to say… Robyn’s right at the brunt of the crash and the first thing you think is ‘Robyn is dead!’"

Are you prepared for Casualty fan reactions?

"I’m not even prepared for my reaction! I hope everyone enjoys these emotional episodes, as much as you can enjoy them. The crash is a real shock. We’ll see that the outcome is…"

Casualty returns to BBC1 on Saturday 31 March 2018 at 8.20pm

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