Casualty’s Crystal Yu: ‘Time will tell if Lily’s jealous of Honey’

Casualty fans will see humourless doctor Lily Chao react in an unexpected way in Saturday’s episode of the long-running BBC1 medical drama…

We can reveal eagle-eyed Lily clocks that tea lady Honey (Chelsee Healey) is desperate to get the attention of shy doctor Ethan Hardy. What Lily doesn’t know is, Honey’s eager to pick up where she left off last week, after the pair nearly kissed! But embarrassed Ethan is running scared, his fragile confidence knocked after their kiss was interrupted before they actually touched lips.

While the rest of their colleagues remain unaware love could be blossoming, Lily takes it upon herself to talk to Honey about her crush. But will she help or hinder Honey, who she snootily refers to as ‘shop girl’?

Crystal Yu, who plays Lily, teased: “It’s interesting to see Lily’s reaction to Ethan and Honey’s romance. Time will tell if she’s jealous, supportive or even knows how she feels!

“Maybe Lily isn’t aware of what romantic love is, or knows how to deal with it. She tends to see the world in black and white.”

Not so long ago it looked like Lily and fellow doctor Ethan would become an item.

In a chat with What’s on TV Crystal revealed her on-set antics with George Rainsford, who plays Ethan, may have made producers think twice about taking Ethan and Honey down a romantic route: “When I first joined the show, it was suggested Ethan and Lily get together. But we think they took one look at me and George always joking and giggling together and thought - there’s no romantic chemistry whatsoever, let’s forget about it!”

It doesn’t help that Lily had a one-night stand with Ethan’s brother Cal, either.

Lily laughed: “That was interesting! I think Lily needed a little moment of abandonment. It would be interesting to see Cal and Lily end up in a relationship. They’re very similar in that they’re both fiercely independent creatures. It would be fascinating seeing them negotiating and compromising!”

Watch Casualty this Saturday on BBC1 to find out if Lily decides to play cupid or becomes a green-eyed monster in Ethan and Honey’s romance.


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