Casualty's Jason Durr: ‘David isn’t a drinker – or is he?’ (VIDEO)

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Speculation is rife about the secret life of Casualty's semi-silent nurse David Hide. There's clearly a reason he's such a closed book but what can it be? Drink? Drugs? An emotional, family trauma?

We wanted to know more so we had a word with Jason Durr on the set of Casualty and made a few interesting discoveries…

Jason said: "David doesn’t drink. He’s not a drinker – or is he?”

The Heartbeat star teased further: “I know all about him. I know what his journey is, and where he’s going… where that then goes is anyone's guess. David will always keep you guessing.

"There’s so many volumes underneath. He’s such a rich character. You can see, not only in the interaction with the other characters, he’s such a wonderful character mine… There’s so much there.”

The creation of David Hide has been carefully crafted by the clever people at Casualty, Jason explained:

“We made a very conscious decision to create... and develop something quite unique. I think we've come up with something really quite special and different. And not different for the sake of being different but just a character that, from the Twitter-sphere, you feel there are lot of people who can empathise and sympathise, and feel a kinship with in a way."

He also revealed there's definitely more to self-conscious David than meets the eye: "He doesn’t really look people in the eye and he’s very socially awkward. He’s quite shy too, the list goes on…

"But underneath all that he's got a fantastic sense of humour and is very dry, and so many of the traits and characteristics we haven’t yet explored."

What’s on TV can’t wait for this week's Casualty when David and Robyn head to the pub across the road from the ED to open a mortality café. We’ll be keeping an eye out for what non-alcoholic beverages David drinks!

For the full interview with Jason, watch the video above...

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