Charles Venn: ‘Jacob Masters is a medical James Bond!’

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Former EastEnders' star Charles Venn joins Casualty in dramatic fashion this week. In a chat with What’s on TV Charles reveals new senior staff nurse Jacob Masters is set to ruffle more than feathers in the ED…

What can you tell us about Casualty newcomer, Jacob Masters?

"The first word that comes to mind is confident! He's a very confident, unconventional individual, but he's effective and gets the job done."

How are we introduced to Jacob in next week's Casualty?

"His good friend Karen has unfortunately consumed a particular drug that's led to adverse affects. When she becomes quite ill Karen turns to Jacob and he has to rush her into casualty."

How does he come across in the ED?

"Jacob's only concern is to make sure his friend is okay, so he imposes his personality on the medical staff! Although Jacob's clearly highly experienced he rubs some people up the wrong way and ruffles feathers."

Is there anyone in particular who takes a dislike to him?

"He has an encounter with Cal! They're both Lotharios so it leads to some clashes. It's territorial and they both puff up their chests and neither capitulates! There's a bit of a standoff..."

Does he impress any of the other members of staff?

"He definitely impresses Connie. She likes someone who's confident and knows what they're doing, but everybody else is kind of shocked by it! I think Connie admires Jacob. He definitely piques her interest."

Is this interest reciprocated?

"I think so. Jacob respects matriarchal-type women who know what they want. They've similar tastes and are both forthright."

How does he come to be offered a job at the ED?

"Well, there's a position vacant and Connie tells Jacob she believes he's the right man to fill it. But it’s not straightforward."

How does Jacob win nurse manager Rita Freeman around?

"He lets it been known he has an issue with hierarchy. Here's a man that's a nurse who gets the dirty work done. Whereas doctors are clipboard tickers in his eyes. Jacob believes, in many ways, the nurses hold as much priority as the doctors."

What can you reveal about his background?

"Jacob's from very humble beginnings. He's tried to make good in his life and make a difference. He's a former army medic who left the service and made the transition to being a nurse. He's a good person and has a sort of Samaritan nature. But he's not the type of person who cares too much about what other people think!"

Is there more to Jacob than meets the eye?

"He reminds me of a sort of medical James Bond. He's a man of mystery - he's not very forthcoming with his background and where he's from. It’s a need-to-know thing and he makes that very clear from the start. Jacob is also divisive and manipulative… but not in an evil way, it's a bit more tongue in cheek. He's a man of many layers."

Catch Charles's debut in Casualty on Saturday July 18 on BBC1.

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