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A favourite Casualty character is going to die in April!

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A Casualty regular is about to be killed off. Will it be one of your favourites?

Death in Casualty is a common enough event. Someone comes in with a sore finger and they leave having died from something completely different. Yet death on the ED is usually reserved for the visiting patients. But that’s all set to change in April when one of the regular characters is killed off!

A source from the show has been talking to Digital Spy and made this shocking revelation: “It looks like one of our favourite heroes could be about to meet their maker, but Casualty are keeping this shocking storyline close to their chests.

“We have a stunt coming up in April where someone gets run over. This will be very shocking because of who it is, but I can’t say anything more.”

The secret source added: “We have got something else following on from that which is also very shocking as well.

“We will have two episodes on the trot which will both involve two of our regular characters.”

The cast and crew began filming the funeral scenes this week.

But who is the 'hero' who gets run over, leaving a massive loss in Holby ED? And what’s the 'something else following on from that'? Speculations welcome below in our comment section…

They're laughing now, but it won't last as death comes to Casualty

They're laughing now, but it won't last as death comes to Casualty (Image credit: BBC)

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