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Patsy Kensit the third to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother

Actress Patsy Kensit says she is 'thrilled' to be the third housemate booted from the Celebrity Big Brother bungalow, as she admits her peacemaker role made her 'boring'.

"I'm so thrilled. I'm so grateful," she said of her exit from the reality TV show, after three weeks on set.

"It's the most stressful 21 days - it feels like 21 years - of my life."

Patsy said she was glad to wave goodbye to the 'madness' and had no interest in participating in the spats that have been a fixture of this season.

"I didn't want to go in and row with everyone," she told Celebrity Big Brother host Emma Willis shortly after the public voted to evict her.

She then admitted: "It's boring I suppose."

The result means columnist Katie Hopkins, model Cami Li and actress Nadia Sawalha will remain in the house for now.

Moments after Patsy walked from the house, firestarter Perez Hilton revealed he had never left.

The US celebrity blogger staged a walk-out over the weekend. But in fact he has been hidden in a secret room, where he has been manipulating events in the main house including nominating Cami Li for eviction, and making Katie Hopkins imitate a chicken.

Perez cheered and jumped up and down when he learned audience members had voted to put him on permanent eviction-watch.

Voters could have chosen to give him a free pass until the series finale - but instead viewers will be able to vote to send Hilton packing on every eviction night to come.

Earlier, the controversial character reflected on the restraint he had shown so far.

"I'm really proud of the way I've behaved in the house," he said to himself. "I haven't been perfect, but nobody's perfect."