Beer pressure: Corrie star Liam Bairstow explains why Liam's partying hard

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Corrie has a new party animal on The Street… It’s Alex – and Cathy’s worried about him. Liam Bairstow explains all to Soaplife...

So, why is Alex drinking so much?

“It’s a recent thing. He’s drinking with friends, trying to impress them so he can be part of the group. It makes him feel like they’re welcoming him when they all get drunk together.”

It’s not making his aunt Cathy merry, though!

“No, she’s not happy. But if anyone can get through to him, it’s Cathy [Melanie Hill]. He thinks she’s a bit of a nag at the moment, but she’s no worse than his mum, Nessa.”

What’s going on with Nessa?

“Lately, she’s been trying to get Alex to go to Scotland with her and her new boyfriend. But he doesn’t want to go. Alex doesn’t get along with his mum’s boyfriend, plus Nessa [Sadie Shimmin] doesn’t spend a lot of time with Alex, anyway. She’s really not that interested in him. Alex wants to stay with Cathy and Roy. Cathy cares more than his mum. She treats him more like a son.”

So will Alex move to Weatherfield permanently?

“I don’t know, but I’d like that. It would be very exciting and I’d feel really emotional about it.”

Have any cast members taken you under their wing?

“William Roache [Ken Barlow] is so supportive and always gives me a hug when he sees me. Kym Marsh [Michelle McDonald], Debbie Rush [Anna Windass] and Beverley Callard [Liz McDonald] have been great, too. Melanie has also done some extra rehearsals with me.”

Who do you like working with the most?

David Neilson, who plays Roy. I really like him. Aidan actor Shayne Ward as well. I’ve done lots of scenes with him now.”

What’s coming up for Alex?

“I don’t know, but there’s been talk about a possible girlfriend in the long term.”

Are you still working with Mind The Gap, the theatre company for adults with learning difficulties?

“I’ve been with Mind The Gap for seven years now and I attend four days a week. But they work around my schedule at Corrie. For the time being, my main focus has to be Coronation Street.”

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