Coronation Street newcomer: ‘Kate finds counting knickers in the factory a big insult!'

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

When Aidan’s dad Johnny Connor arrives on Coronation Street from Spain, his sister, Kate, comes, too, Faye Brooks tells Soaplife. But she’s not happy about it…

Why did Kate come with Johnny from Spain?

“She’s been a bit unsettled in Spain, having tried her hand at being a holiday rep, a waitress, a dance teacher... Johnny [Richard Hawley] wants her to settle on something and forces her to take a job at the factory. She’s not happy. She’s only on board because her dad’s forcing her to be and she’s even more annoyed because her brother’s her boss. While she and Aidan [Shayne Ward] are close, the last thing she wants is him bossing her around.”

What’s her job at the factory?

“Well, she can’t sew, so the machines are out. She ends up in packing with Kirk [Andrew Whyment]. Even though she finds it the biggest insult to have to count knickers into boxes, Kate finds Kirk very endearing and he becomes her first real friend in Weatherfield. That doesn’t go down well with Beth [Lisa George].”

Isn’t Kate friends with Carla and Michelle?

“Kate looks up to Carla [Alison King] because she’s achieved so much, but they’re not best buddies. Michelle [Kym Marsh] babysat Kate when she was a baby so they’re close, but she’s more like a big sister. Having lost her mum when she was just three years old, Kate automatically idolises any strong female who comes into her life.”

And Kate’s engaged to a strong female called Caz, isn’t she?

“Yes, although she hasn’t known Caz for very long. Caz is in the army and is away a lot. Their engagement happened very quickly – probably too quickly for Kate and you can see she’s rather overwhelmed by it all. I don’t know if it’s what she really wants deep down. Viewers will get to meet Caz before long.”

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