Coronation Street’s Ryan Clayton: Rapist Josh has an 'unhinged mind’

Ryan Clayton on playing Josh Tucker: My granddad doesn’t know about my dark storyline

Coronation Street actor Ryan Clayton has revealed that twisted rapist Josh Tucker will make life hell for David Platt after next week’s attack.

Corrie newcomer Ryan Clayton has talked to Soaplife about the shock new storyline that will see mechanic Josh Tucker rape David Platt and the mind games that he plays afterwards.

What’s the story?

New mechanic Josh Tucker has become best buddies with David Platt after helping David train for the charity boxing match. David loves having a new mate and agrees to a boys’ night out. But Josh has taken a liking to David and he sets out to get David drunk and drugged up – to rape him.

"In Josh’s head, he doesn’t regard it as a sexual assault – he just thinks, 'I’m sure David will be up for it and I’ll slip something into his drink to make it more fun'," actor Ryan Clayton explained to Soaplife.

But when David comes round, he is horrified to realise what has happened…

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Soaplife’s interview with Ryan Clayton

Soaplife: Does Josh realise that David’s really upset afterwards?

Ryan Clayton: “Yeah, but Josh makes light of it. He makes out it was no big deal, that they had sex and it was consensual.”

S: Is Josh gay?

RC: “I think if you were to ask him he'd say absolutely not. The way he sees things, it’s just sex. It’s 2018, this is what happens, what you can get away with.”

S: What happens next?

RC: “David has an awareness of what has happened but Josh stands his ground when he tackles him. He’s not going to just disappear. David’s saying ‘I know what you did’ and he’s saying ‘Mate – it was nothing’. Josh seems like a confident cheeky chap. He flirts with everyone. But then you see the manipulation. It’s about having power over David.”

S: Did you talk to anyone about this storyline?

RC: “I contacted a support group called ‘Survivors’ but in terms of preparation, I guess I was preparing Josh’s character in my own way.”

S: Was it hard to switch off after filming the scenes?

RC: “It was quite hard. But the aftermath is more difficult to play, just working and thinking in a completely unhinged mind. Josh’s thought processes certainly don’t come naturally to me.”

S: Do you think it’s important to highlight the issue of male rape?

RC: “There was recently a documentary on BBC iPlayer about male rape. In the first three minutes, one of the guys says, ‘You just don’t see it or hear about it - it’s totally unrepresented’. I thought, ‘Wow – there we go! This is a story that needs telling’.”

Coronation Street continues on ITV.

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