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Coronation Street star Charlie De Melo DEFENDS love rat Imran over dating ‘scary’ Leanne and Toyah!

Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne and Toyah set up Imran Habeeb

He assumed they were both ok with it, reveals Charlie

Divorced lawyer Imran Habeeb has certainly moved on from his ex-wife, Sabeen. He’s dating not just one woman but two! But the lusty legal eagle’s risky love triangle with stepsisters Leanne and Toyah Battersby is about to collapse in tonight’s Coronation Street.

As Toyah (Georgia Taylor) and Leanne (Jane Danaon) both try to organise dates with Imran, Adam suggests he should make a list of their pros and cons!

“Imran didn’t really set out to have his cake and eat it but that is how things have happened,” says Charlie de Melo, in defence of his character. “It’s all to do with miscommunication. He assumes they are both okay with it which is naive to the point of stupidity! He thinks he’s hit the jackpot.”

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Unfortunately for Imran, Sally discovers the incriminating list and then she overhears Adam telling him he can’t possibly continue sleeping with both of the siblings and needs to make a choice.

It’s a red rag to a bull for stressed-out Sally who also comes across confidential information about her imminent pre-trial hearing for fraud. Imran – who is defending con man Duncan who’s framed innocent Sally – should take more care with his case notes.

Sally Overhears

Sally overhears Adam chatting to Imran

Seizing the opportunity to take a swipe at the lawyer, disgraced Mayor Sally tells Leanne and Toyah what she has heard. Naturally, they’re furious, and take revenge in public in the Bistro…

“Toyah and Leanne aren’t afraid to start a fight, and they’re very protective of one another,” says Charlie. “They’re scary but they also have big hearts so hopefully they will go easy on Imran!”

Will Sally regret messing with Imran so close to their court clash? And what is Leanne and Toyah’s plan?

Coronation Street continues on ITV tonight at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.