Corrie photos: Jamie uses erotic images of Steph to blackmail Luke into racing again!

Coronation Street's Luke Britton (Dean Fagan) loves being a stock car racer, but does he love it enough to put it before his feelings for girlfriend Maria Connor (Samia Ghadie), who's already told him they're over if he doesn't give it up?

Well, Luke's put to the test when Jamie (James Atherton) turns up at the garage on Monday and tells him he's entered him for an upcoming race. All Luke has to do is refuse, so what makes him react so badly towards Jamie?

When Jamie tells Luke about the race, the mechanic says he's promised Maria he won't race again and he intends to stick to his word. Jamie says he needs cash from the race to clear his debts and, when Luke still says 'no', he gives him a nasty surprise!


Luke can't contain his fury when Jamie produces his mobile and shows him some lurid old photos of his sister, Steph (Tisha Merry), scantily clad from the time she was his girlfriend.


Despite Luke's anger, Jamie warns that if he doesn't race for him, he'll make the pictures public!


Troubled Luke faces a dilemma when he sees Maria, who's about to leave for Cyprus after learning her mother has broken her hip.


He again promises Maria his racing career is over, but he's desperate to protect his sister. Will he give in to blackmailer Jamie's demands?

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