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Corrie tragedy alert! ‘Max is playing and finds something he shouldn’t,’ reveals Sean Ward

The Coronation Street custody battle over young Max has been nasty, but “things are going to get a lot more intense”, says Sean Ward (opens in new tab), who plays Callum, Max’s bad dad.

In a new interview, Sean reveals that Callum’s “game-playing starts to affect his relationship with Sarah and it’s all going to get into a big tangle”.

“Callum likes to manipulate people and next in line is Bethany [Lucy Fallon (opens in new tab)],” says Sean. “He turns his focus towards that young, poor child.”

But it’s the even younger child, Max, who ends up in real danger.

“Things get a lot more intense after Sarah [Tina O’Brien (opens in new tab)] meets Gemma [one of Callum’s crew] and a lot of Callum’s past comes out. Gemma [Dolly-Rose Campbell (opens in new tab)] thinks she has the right to tell Callum’s girlfriend about his ex-girlfriends and it all goes a bit pear-shaped," Sean adds.

“I’ve got Callum’s back and he’s got mine,” Gemma tells Sarah in an upcoming episode. “Like that time I covered for your kid.”

"What?" Sarah says. What, indeed…

“Sarah starts to get an inkling that something has been going on with Bethany and Callum,” Sean continues. “It’s not good.

“This is all building up to a big game-changer. You’re going to realise [if you haven’t already] that Callum isn’t a nice guy.

“Poor Max [Harry McDermott (opens in new tab)] is happily playing in his bedroom and finds something he shouldn’t find.”

We’re not going to reveal what it is, but we will say it’s packed in a brown padded envelope.

“The Platts haven’t got a clue what they’re messing with,” Sean adds. “Everything’s going to change and nothing will be the same again.”

Coronation Street (opens in new tab) continues on ITV, Monday, July 27, 7.30pm.