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Corrie's Jack: 'David knows Nick and Kylie's secret!'

Coronation Street's Jack P Shepherd reveals to Soaplife that evil David returns when he finds out the baby he loves already may not be his to love - it could be Nick's!

So, the secret's out?!

'Yes. David's waiting upstairs with a surprise for Kylie when he hears her and Gail chatting as they come into the house... and he hears Kylie tell Gail how much she hopes the baby is David’s and not Nick’s and how much she regrets sleeping with her husband’s brother!'

No! But he doesn't confront Kylie. Why?

'Maybe because he thinks if he confronts her and the truth is out then he and Kylie won’t survive. He really has to think seriously about how to deal with it. He needs to decide who to punish and how to punish them. In the end, I think he decides Nick is the one he will punish, which is maybe another reason why he doesn’t confront her.'

He even still goes on the surprise weekend break he got for Kylie. But he finds himself standing alone on the edge of a cliff. Is he suicidal?

'He’s contemplating jumping; he thinks he might as well go and then he’ll never have to know whose baby Kylie is really carrying. But then he gets a phone call from Max and that stops him.'

But David still wants to punish Nick…

'He starts to say strange things to Nick about ‘paying him back’ for everything Nick’s ever done for him. It’s loaded with hidden meaning.'

Then he trashes Nick and Leanne’s flat. Is this the reappearance of evil David?

'Absolutely. It isn’t going to end here…'

So David's not likely to forgive Kylie or Nick?

'A lot depends on whose baby it turns out to be. I think if it’s David’s then he could probably forgive Kylie, but I can’t see him ever forgiving Nick. And if the baby turns out to be Nick’s… well, David won't be around to see how that turns out!'