‘David Platt beds salon girl Emma Brooker’ reveals Coronation Street actor Jack P Shepherd!

David Platt beds salon girl Emma Brooker reveals Coronation Street actor Jack P Shepherd!
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Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd has revealed that David ends up sleeping with new salon girl Emma as a way to block out the memory of Josh’s attack.

Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd has told Soaplife that rape victim David Platt’s behaviour is getting even more out of control.

What’s the story?

Beating up Gary WIndass in the boxing ring has done nothing to stop David Platt’s descent into the darkest place he’s ever been. His family and friends are seriously worried about him and even recovering Gary visits him to voice his concern.

“Gary tells David he thinks he’s having a breakdown,” actor Jack P Shepherd tells Soaplife. “Having suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder himself, he recognises the signs and he believes, like everyone else, that his behaviour towards Shona Ramsey and his outburst in the boxing ring is to do with Kylie’s death. He thinks David never really properly dealt with his grief and he bottled it all up rather than talked to people.”

David is doing exactly the same in the aftermath of the rape – with even more alarming consequences…

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Jack P Shepherd’s interview with Soaplife

Soaplife: First up, just why did David lose it in the boxing ring?

Jack P Shepherd: “It was anger and anxiety over the rape. He was in boxing ring and not putting up much of a defence when Josh whispered in his ear ‘I bet you’d rather go round two with me.’ A red mist descended, he hit Gary and he couldn’t stop.”

S: Is David angry at Shona?

JPS: “No. He’s pushed her away because, although he still loves her, he just can’t be with her while trying to deal with what happened to him. It’s very complicated.”

S: What happens with Maria Connor?

JPS: “She’s getting close to knowing something else is wrong with him. He needs to silence her and he does so in a twisted kind of way, which really shocks her. But instead of shutting her up, his actions make her even more concerned about him.”

S: Why does he make a play for Emma Brooker?

JPS: “Again, it’s twisted. Emma’s irritated him since she started at the salon – she never shuts up! David’s not interested in working one day, and he just looks at her and he decides to make a play for her. He takes her home and he takes her to bed! He’s trying to prove something to himself and also to Josh. He’s straight! He can pull this young girl!”

S: But then he asks her to move in!

JPS: “Because she’s a distraction from his demons. While she’s rabbiting on, he doesn’t have to have conversations. It also pushes Shona away a bit more. The kids miss Shona and they want to see her. David can say he has a new girlfriend and he’s moved on.”

S: Is this one of the oddest things David has done?

JPS: “It’s certainly rash but it’s a direct reaction to the rape. He’s a person of extremes. If he’d confided in someone, he wouldn’t be reacting in this very self-destructive way. He can come back from this but he needs to talk – and, ultimately, to talk publicly to ensure Josh is punished.”

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