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Ex Coronation Street star Paula Lane: I cried after my exit as Kylie Platt

Ex Coronation Street star Paula Lane
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Paula says Kyle is "still close to my heart"

Former Coronation Street star Paula Lane has revealed she shed tears after her character Kylie was killed off in 2016.

Kylie died in tragic circumstances when she was stabbed to death, with her hubby David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) close by.

The 32-year-old star said she was “really close” to her co-star Jack, before adding on Lorraine: “When I left, I actually had to say to my husband, ‘I’m just going go upstairs to have a little weep and I’ll be back down as Paula in a minute, ok?’ And he was fine with it.”

Paula said that her Coronation Street character was “still close to my heart” and she revealed that she felt “like I had lost my family for a little bit” when she left. But she felt it was time to go: “I think it was a natural progression for me. I had played her for six years… I wanted to try other things.”

Paula, who joined Corrie in 2010, also revealed that she liked to keep a clear distance between her real self and Kylie Platt.

“I used to think if I put one of her outfits that I liked, I felt, ‘This is wrong’. I always wanted her to feel really opposite to her. I used them to get like smudgy makeup on me, clumpy mascara and really slicked-back hair that I hate on myself. But it is tricky when you are playing that part constantly, they do merge a little bit.”

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Main pic: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock