Gail Platt: I've mothered a monster!

Gail Platt: I've mothered a monster!
Gail Platt: I've mothered a monster!

Gail can't remember it was David who nearly killed her... YET! says Coronation Street star Helen Worth. If Gail remembers that David pushed her down the stairs - and she will - will she be able to kid herself that he's anything but bad?

"I think a mother has to forgive her child and David is no exception. When she thought he'd committed suicide it was the worst day of her life so I am not sure if she would go as far as to disown him. He would still be her son and I can't see that she will ever stop loving him." Audrey might see things differently. She already suspects David and is worried when he insists that he'll be looking after his mum once she's discharged...

"Gail makes it clear that she trusts David and tells Audrey to back off. But then she's got no reason to feel suspicious... At this point she and the police still think Jason was the one who pushed her." But when she remembers the row with Jason and that they were downstairs it looks like time could be running out for David, doesn't it?

"Gail is really pleased she's remembering stuff bit by bit. She's determined to figure out what happened and is confident the memories will return. She does notice David is very edgy, but she thinks it's because he's in shock over her accident." How do you think she'll feel when she eventually finds out the truth?

"She'll be very angry. But it won't be the first time she's lost it over David, or the last. I think what will really hurt is the fact that David has been lying." Will she be afraid of her own son, especially after Tina's termination?

"It all depends on what he's got to say for himself really. I don't think that she will see David as a cold-blooded killer or be afraid of him. She wouldn't want to think that. But there again, over the years, David has pushed her and pushed her so maybe she'll snap." Will she blame herself though for urging Tina to have an abortion?

"No she won't. I think Gail is convinced it was the best decision in the long-term for everyone involved. She would have told David if she thought he could take it, but she is genuinely concerned he's been a bit mentally unstable." With Gail forced to see her son for the monster he can be and David with no chance to lie his way out of it, is there a chance then that they might actually reach a new understanding when the truth comes out?

"I would like to think so. But it would be so boring if David suddenly turned into the perfect son. Gail's had trouble with all her children - and her men - and I really enjoy acting out her life. I would hate all the drama to end for Gail!"

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