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Lewis star Angela Griffin reveals what it would take to get her back on Corrie

Angela Griffin (opens in new tab) talks to Soaplife about her role in the latest series of the hit detective series Lewis - and how she’d like to return to Coronation Street (opens in new tab)...

Are you happy to be back in Lewis, Angela?

“Delighted. My character, DS Lizzie Maddox, has lots more confidence this time around. When she first started, she was on the verge of leaving because Hathaway [Laurence Fox (opens in new tab)] was driving her mad. But now she’s found a way to work with him. Socially, we see more of Lizzie this series, too. Her husband’s away working in Canada and she doesn’t have kids, so she’s out on the razz quite a bit. I’ve had some experience of that in my time so I have lots to draw on!"

Do all the cast go out together when the cameras stop rolling?

“Not when we’re in London because we all go home at the end of the day, but when we’re on location in Oxford… hell, yeah! We generally hang out in our hotel or thereabouts. There’s a really good Chinese nearby. When I’m involved, the socialising tends to include lots of food and red wine!”

Is Lewis especially popular in Oxford because it’s set in that city?

“It’s really, really popular. When we're filming, there are people with cameras everywhere – students, tourists and general Oxford residents. They all seem to know who you are. It’s not so mad for me as I’m still quite new, but Laurence and Kevin [Whately (opens in new tab), who plays Lewis] are constantly recognised."

Do you enjoy being part of such a popular series?

“It’s lovely and gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. You’re part of a TV tradition that’s been going on for a long time, is greatly loved and is a big part of people’s lives. It’s also nice to know you’re accepted. Last year I wasn’t sure how the viewers would react to Lizzie because the Hathaway/Lewis dynamic is so loved, but people seem to have taken to her.”

Would you go back back to Corrie as Fiona Middleton?

“You know, in the 17 years since I left they’ve never asked me! If they did? Well, I wouldn’t dismiss it out of hand, but it would have to be a fantastic storyline. I wouldn’t want to go back only to spend my time ordering orange juice in the Rovers.”

What sort of story would you like?

"For Fiona to arrive with a 17-year-old, who looks the image of their dad, Steve McDonald [Simon Gregson (opens in new tab)]! Fiona would have been pregnant with Steve’s baby when she left the Street, although she wouldn’t have known it at the time. That would be very interesting as a storyline, but rather depressing for me, personally. To think I’m old enough to have a practically grown-up child!"

Lewis (opens in new tab), ITV.