Get an Amazon Fire TV Cube at 50% off!

Amazon Fire TV Cube
The Amazon Fire TV Cube. (Image credit:

If you've been eyeing an Amazon Fire TV Cube — read our full Fire TV Cube review — but just couldn't stomach paying the full retail price, today's your lucky day. Deals site Woot has used Fire TV Cubes listed at just $49, which is a ridiculously good price.

What's the big deal about the Fire TV Cube? For one, it does 4K video and Dolby Atmos audio just fine. But the other thing is that it has an array of microphones built in that also turns it in to a full-fledged Amazon Echo. That means you can use your voice to control all kinds of things with the Fire TV itself, as well as any other smart home stuff you may have rigged up.

Woot's listing has the Cubes being in "very good condition," which likely should be good enough for your purposes unless you just have to have that new Fire TV Cube smell, which absolutely is not a thing. (We've tried smelling them. It just does not exist.)

Estimated shipping time is set at July 24 or so, and free shipping comes if you're an Amazon Prime member. And chances are you are.

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