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Doctors' Lorna Laidlaw: 'I want Denzel Washington to play my love interest!' (VIDEO)

(Image credit: DPA Germany)

Since she began working as a surgery receptionist in 2011, Mrs Tembe has been keeping a close eye on proceedings at The Mill Health Centre in Doctors. And she loves to prescribe her own advice, whether it's wanted or not!

"Mrs Tembe is like Marmite," says Lorna Laidlaw, who plays her. "You either love her or can't stand the sight of the woman! But she's quite complicated. She's a Christian and is quite forthright. But the storyline where she had a romance with the vicar softened her edges and people quite enjoyed seeing a more vulnerable side to her. She's an interesting character to play." "]

We caught up with Lorna as she filmed an episode of Doctors on location in Birmingham to find out if Mrs Tembe and surgery co-worker, Heston, will ever be more than just good friends?

Lorna also reveals which Hollywood star she's insisting the Doctors producers hire as Mrs Tembe's new love interest!

Doctors is curently off air because of the Wimbledon coverage, but returns to BBC1 in mid July.