EastEnders: Louise Mitchell is set to destroy brother Ben’s life!

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(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

So, Phil (Steve McFadden) didn’t kill his daughter Louise in his drunken rampage with a mechanical digger in EastEnders… But Ben might end up wishing he had.

Rather than turn on Phil after he crushed her in the car lot cabin, the teenager will reportedly come up with a cunning plan to ruin her half-brother Ben Mitchell’s life as payback.

Tilly Keeper, who plays Louise, told the Express: “Don’t forget Ben used to burn her with spoons. Harry [Reid, who plays Ben], and I are always looking for spoons in scenes to see if we can add them in.

“Louise is scared of Ben - he murdered someone after all - but she won’t show it. She wants to prove she's not a kid any more.”

Ah, she’s a true Mitchell.

And Ben isn’t the only person whose life she plans to ruin.

Louise has all the dirt on Abi. Will she spread it about the Square?


His lying, cheating girlfriend Abi (Lorna Fitzgerald) will also be targeted.

Abi will find herself caught up in Louise’s plan after she finds out she faked her own pregnancy and miscarriage to keep Ben from leaving her for his lover Paul Coker (Jonny Labey).

“Louise has a nose for mischief,” adds Tilly.

And that should make Phil worried, too…

His sorrow and regret over nearly killing his daughter doesn't have a sobering effect on him for very long.

He’s drinking again next week – and Louise confronts him.

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Phil nearly killed Louise – and he's still drinking


“You nearly killed me last week because you were drunk,” she tells her father. “You shouldn’t be doing it.”

“Why does everyone think they can tell me what to do?” Phil says to his daughter. “You either back off or you move out of my house. Do you understand?”

Louise understands… And she’s not happy. Phil’s going to need to keep his wits about him with this girl, which means getting sober and staying sober - quick!

EastEnders, BBC1.