EastEnders star reveals this very BIZARRE lockdown pastime

(Image credit: BBC)

‘It has always fascinated me’

EastEnders star Shona McGarty, who plays Whitney Dean on the soap, has revealed the unusual way that she’s passing the time during the coronavirus lockdown.

The 28 year old star is…wait for it…learning how to yodel!

Speaking exclusively to whatsontv.co.uk, Shona says: “I listened to an old Frank Ifield song that my mum told me to listen to. He was yodelling, and I thought ‘Oh, I’d love to be able to do that!’ So I’m really trying to yodel, and it’s keeping me busy.

“I’ve been watching things on YouTube, and there’s some how to yodel self help tapes that you can get on itunes, so I’ve been listening to those and practising.

“Yodelling has always fascinated me; I really like the sound.”

EastEnders Whitney Dean

Shona as Whitney (Image credit: BBC / Nicky Johnston)

And the actress has even suggested a way that her blossoming talent could be shared with her fans.

“Maybe EastEnders will do The Sound of Music or something,” she jokes. “Whitney will have loads of kids, and they’ll become the new Von Trapps!”

Filming on EastEnders was brought to a halt back in March, and the soap is currently airing just two episodes a week – compared to the usual four – to keep the show on screens for as long as possible.

Many cast members have, as a result, thrown their energies into new pursuits. As previously revealed on whatsontv.co.uk, Shona’s fellow cast mate Milly Zero, who plays Dotty Cotton, is currently working as an NHS Volunteer Responder.

Milly Zero (Dotty Cotton) is working as an NHS volunteer as filming on EastEnders remains suspended

Milly Zero (Dotty Cotton) is working as an NHS volunteer as filming on EastEnders remains suspended

Says Shona: “Everyone’s the same as me, keeping busy. Not necessarily yodelling, but each to their own!”

But the actress admits that she is struggling to be parted from loved ones.

“I just miss giving my family a hug,” she tells us. “We always take things like that for granted.”

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