Ex EastEnders star Nick Bailey has a new audience… ‘And they’re wild!’

(Image credit: Pamela Raith)

Former EastEnders actor Nick Bailey tells us about his new role in Jackie: The Musical…

So, a musical is very different from E20…

“Yes. Jackie: The Musical is based on the 1970s and 1980s teenage magazine, and we’re touring the UK until the end of July.”

What’s it about?

“It’s the story of a woman called Jackie, who was a teen in the 1970s, and her marriage has recently fallen apart. She finds some old copies of Jackie in her attic and she turns to it for advice. It’s a real feelgood production with great music from that era.”

Who do you play?

“A character called Max. The story is that Jackie makes a random call and it’s Max who picks it up. They get chatting and agree to meet. Sparks fly when they do and, from then on, the question is – is Max the man to take Jackie forward?”

Do you get to do much singing and dancing?

“A bit. I get to sing two songs with Jackie, who’s played by another former EastEnders star, Janet Dibley, who played Lorna Cartwright. We do Love is the Air by John Paul Young and The Things You Do For Love by 10cc.”

Do you remember Jackie magazine?

“Yeah, I do. I remember hearing about it and seeing it in newsagents. As a teenager in the 1980s, maybe I should have bought a few copies to understand girls better!”

We hear audiences are going mad for the show...

“They’re wild! Many of them have a personal connection to the magazine and the musical brings back great memories. They’re more like a rock concert audience than a theatre audience. They know all the words to the songs and get dressed up in some fabulous outfits. Jackie isn’t just relevant to women who bought the magazine as teens, though. Women of any age can relate to it.”

Would you like to return to EastEnders?

Eastenders was the big job of my career so far and, yes, it would be nice to revisit playing Anthony Trueman. But it’s not my decision. It always amazes me I’m still recognised as Dr Trueman when I’m out and about. One lady I met recently remembered my storylines in minute detail!”

For more information on Jackie: The Musical, visit www.jackiethemusical.com