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Kellie Bright and Danny Dyer reveal each other's most embarrassing EastEnders moments

EastEnders stars Kellie Bright and Danny Dyer have revealed each other's most embarrassing moments on Albert Square, one involving a silicone bra pad and the other a swimming pool scene.

The actress, 38, who plays Queen Vic landlady Linda Carter, joined the BBC One soap in 2013, opposite Danny Dyer.

Asked what her most excruciating experience had been, Danny, who plays her partner Mick, revealed to Radio Times magazine: “There was a moment when she was running after the Carters’ car and her chicken fillet dropped out and she just carried on with the scene – what a trouper.”


Kellie Bright as Linda Carter in the soap (BBC)


Kellie admitted: “I have a bit of help in the breast department to play Linda and there was a scene where one of my chicken fillets fell out of my bra.

“I just had to pick it up and carry on going. Afterwards I was crying with laughter.”

Kellie said that her co-star had suffered while filming a swimwear scene.

“It has to be when he wore his swimming hat, trunk and goggles. It was the scene where he had to swim in the swimming pool,” she said.

Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright as Mick and Linda Carter (BBC)

Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright as Mick and Linda Carter (BBC)


“He had his little tummy and his man boobs out, his ‘hairy Lils’, as he calls them.

“And Matt Di Angelo was in the same scene looking all buff and shaved. I’ll go with that, but Danny doesn’t really get embarrassed.”

Asked to name his “celebrity crush”, Danny said that it was one of his co-stars – 'Tish' (Letitia Dean).

Meanwhile, Tracy-Ann Oberman, who played landlady Chrissie Watts in the soap, said that she would not rule out a return to Albert Square, telling the magazine: “Never say never.”