‘Andy leaves a suicide note for his kids!’ reveals Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher

From wedded to widower… Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher reveals to Soaplife how Andy has decided he can’t live without wife Katie

How is Andy feeling after Katie’s death?

“It feels like a really bad dream and, after a few days, an element of numbness sets in. He can’t believe what’s happened. He’s devastated and he can’t bear the idea of talking to anybody. Even seeing his own kids upsets him.”

Does he know of Robert’s involvement?

“No. Andy guesses Katie [Sammy Winward] was over at the farm doing some work because they’d rowed. Andy’s poured his heart out to Robert [Ryan Hawley] and he’s seeing him as a real support. It would break him to find out that his brother knows more than he’s letting on.”

Why won’t Andy discuss Katie’s funeral?

“He doesn’t want to talk about it with anybody because thinking about her body or the funeral makes him feel sick. He can’t believe people have accepted her death. He has no intentions of going to the funeral because it will be like an ending. He wants to hang on to anything, any memory he has and the funeral will force him to say goodbye.”

But he changes his mind…

“Moira [Natalie J Robb] talks to him. He asks her how she got through it when John died and she explains that people might tell you how you should or shouldn’t be feeling, but, in the end, you have to get through it in your own way.”

But Andy’s way isn’t good, is it?

“No. After speaking to Moira, Andy realises he can’t be a father, friend or a brother without Katie. He feels redundant and that he has nothing left to live for.”

He has his children!

“Andy writes suicide notes and one is for his kids, Jack and Sarah. He tells them it’s not their fault and they mustn’t think he doesn’t love them. He explains that sometimes you can’t carry on without certain people.”

How does the funeral go?

“Andy’s a lot more composed than he has been previously, although he gets upset when he has to speak. After the service, everyone goes to The Woolpack for the wake, but Andy tells Victoria [Isabel Hodgins] and Diane [Elizabeth Estensen] that he’s not going. He says he needs to go home and have some time to himself, but he goes back and leaves the suicide notes."

How does he plan to end his life?

“He goes to a quarry where he and Robert used to play when they were kids. In his note to Robert, he reveals the location as he doesn’t want anyone else to find him. He ends up on the edge of a precipice and prepares to jump.”

And does he?

“You’ll have to wait and see!”

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