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Emmerdale video: Kerry’s giving make-up tips for that diva look - in her own special way

Emmerdale’s Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton (opens in new tab)), who works in Bernice’s (Samantha Giles (opens in new tab)) beauty salon with mixed success, has started giving make-up tips online…

“I am an expert in diva make-up,” Kerry says. “I’ll show you how to make your eyes look big and bold, with that celebrity feline look.”

And she does…using a spoon, eyeliner and cheeky chatter.

“I want to talk about heroes,” Kerry goes on. “I want to try to channel people who inspire you in you daily beauty routine. Like goddesses…or some really important VIPs: Beyonce, Angelina, Ga-Ga, Kardashian, me… We’ve all got something in common: foxy eyes.

“Loads of lasses try to make their peepers look big and bold and end up looking a hot mess when they try to do a cat flick.”

Then Kerry reveals how she gets that “cat flick” look.

Watch below. You’re not going to see many make-up tips like this…

Emmerdale (opens in new tab) continues (probably without make-up tips) on ITV, Monday, August 31, 7.00pm.