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Emmerdale's Bill Ward and Gillian Kearney reveal why James sleeps with Emma! (VIDEO)

Chas is becoming increasingly worried about her son, Aaron, who is involved in a risky affair with Robert Sugden in Emmerdale. But while Chas is busy trying to help Aaron, she has taken her eye off her own relationship with James...

Emmerdale stars Bill Ward (James) and Gillian Kearney (Emma) explained to What's on TV that James is about to end up back in the arms of his estranged wife, Emma, and just what feisty Chas will have to say if she finds out!

"James does still love Emma," admits Bill. "Regardless of how maniupulative Emma can be, she is still the mother of his children. So he is pretty delighted she is back around again because she wasn't there while they were growing up."

Meanwhile, Emma, who doesn't think Chas is good enough for James, is only too happy to take advantage of the situation when she senses all is not well with James, who suspects something's going on between Chas and her ex, Paddy!

"There are definitely fireworks ahead between Chas, James and Emma," warns Gillian. "Chas is a Dingle and if she finds out about James and Emma, she will definitely make it known how she feels!"

Watch the interview with Emmerdale's Bill Ward and Gillian Kearney, above.

James and Emma begin to get too close for comfort in Emmerdale from Monday, April 13 on ITV.