Emmerdale's John Bowe: 'Ronnie locks Lawrence up to stop him confessing!'

Lawrence White, Emmerdale

Lawrence plans a shock court confession, but his friend Ronnie is desperate to stop him, Emmerdale star John Bowe reveals

Lawrence White feels responsible for the pummelling that Lachlan is getting in prison and in an attempt to save his grandson’s skin, he decides take the rap for the whole messy business of his shooting and the framing of Andy Sugden in Emmerdale...

How does Lawrence feel about Lachlan being in prison? “He feels guilty, as he knows the gun went off during his struggle to wrench it from Lachlan – he didn’t actually mean to shoot him. Lachlan’s beatings bring back terrible memories of his own experience in prison 40 years ago and he is desperate to help his grandson.”

Why does he think Cain is behind the beatings? “It is all about the shared ownership of the garage. The Sugdens and the Dingles have links and it makes Lawrence anxious. However, he doesn’t realise that Cain is using the beatings to get hold of Chrissie’s share in the garage.”

What does Lawrence tell his friend Ronnie? “He tells the truth about how the family framed Andy and explains that he is going to take the blame for everything and go to prison himself so that Chrissie and Lachlan can be spared.”

How does Ronnie react to that? “He locks Lawrence up to stop him going to court…”

Does Lawrence regret what the Whites did to Andy? “Yes, in all his efforts to save the family and each other they have dug themselves deeper into a mire of criminality. He wishes the whole thing had been done differently, but now the best thing to do is try and save his grandson by saying that he put the gun in Andy’s car.”

Will this put Lawrence’s relationship with Ronnie at risk? “There is a great friendship and understanding there, but they haven’t reached intimacy yet. Ronnie is appalled by the mistakes and bad decisions Lawrence is making, but we’ll have to wait and see if it is enough for him to end the relationship.”