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Katie Sugden dies, bringing to an end Sammy Winward's 14-year career on Emmerdale

Sammy Winward plunged out of Emmerdale on Thursday, when her character Katie Sugden met her end at the hands of brother-in-law Robert.

It bought to an end Sammy's 14-year career in the long-running ITV soap.

Emmerdale bid farewell to Sammy Winward after her character of 14 years Katie Sugden was killed off.

Sammy had announced last year that she planned to leave Emmerdale and last night fans saw her nemesis and brother-in-law Robert (Ryan Hawley) cause her death by throwing her across an unsafe floor at Wylie's Farm, before she plunged through it.

The pair had been arguing after Katie, determined to prove he was cheating on fiancee Chrissie White, followed a tip off from Robert's secret lover Aaron Livesy (Danny Miller) to come to the farm - and was shocked to discover the pair kissing, but took a photo as evidence.

Robert, who deleted the photo from her phone, told Aaron she had got rid of it herself and accidentally fell through the floor by her own devices.

Talking about what would happen between Robert and Aaron next, Danny Miller (Aaron) said: "Aaron got Katie there in the first place. And, of course, Robert is very quick to say that the whole thing is Aaron's fault. Robert will do anything he can to deflect the blame, but he doesn't realise what all this is doing to Aaron's mental state.

"Aaron doesn't deal with guilt very well. And we know that he often ends up hurting himself at times like this. So for Robert to do this is very cruel."