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The Abused - Channel 5

The Abused - Kelly

Abused is a documentary telling the stories of Hazel and Kelly, who suffered abuse at the hands of their partners in Norfolk

The inside story of domestic abuse from two women who’ve been at the sharp end

How do you live a normal life free from fear after you’ve spent months regularly being beaten by your husband?

This powerful one-off documentary about the reality of life for domestic violence victims tells the story of two women, Hazel and Kelly, who were brutally attacked in the same week in Norfolk.

The Abused - The Abused

Hazel tells her story

It follows their lives in the months following the abuse, as they reflect on the fear and control that stopped them seeking help.

Building a new life is hard for young mum Kelly, though, as her husband continues to harass her, calling constantly and threatening to burn down her house, despite a restraining order.

A tough but important watch.

Also on Channel 5 Wednesday 20 Feb. How to Leave an Abusive Partner Safely (10.30pm ).


TV Times rating: *****