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A shark
(Image credit: Lion Mountain Media/Peter Lamber)

Africa's Deadliest sees the focus shift from the land to the sea, where the predators are just as voracious

The memory of Steven Spielberg's movie Jaws looms large in this Africa's Deadliest, a deliberately dramatic nature show documenting Africa's watery predators (Monday, 8pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

But behind the urgent narration, the thudding music and the fast cutting – a fin slides through the water, an innocent swimmer bobs in the shallows – there are facts too.

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The tiger shark's voracious appetite means it'll even eat a licence plate (which really is a reminder of Jaws!)

Blacktip sharks hunting

Blacktip Sharks hunting

A bull shark has 350 teeth and will swim hundreds of miles up freshwater rivers to hunt.

And the southern tip of Africa is the "great white capital of the world".

Cue more shots of divers interacting with these dead-eyed killers than most people will be comfortable with

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