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Agatha Raisin – Sky One

Ashley Jensen in Agatha Raisin

The Cotswolds crime caper is back! Actress Ashley Jensen on playing TV’s most glamorous amateur detective as Agatha Raisin returns to Sky One…

Ashley Jensen is back as the PR-guru-turned-amateur-sleuth, solving crimes in the Cotswolds, as Sky One's comedy drama Agatha Raisin returns with a double-bill.

This time round, Agatha (above) finds herself tackling wizards, curates, fairies and dodgy hairstylists – all while wearing her glamorous outfits and 4in stilettos, of course!

In this week’s first mystery, Agatha returns to Carsley in need of pampering and meets hairdresser Jonny Shawpart (James Lance), who works his magic on more than just Agatha’s hair!

But could the many secrets Jonny hears in his line of work lead to his murder?

Mathew Horne, Jamie Glover and Jason Merrells also star. 

Ashley, 49, tells us all about playing Agatha…

Ashley Jensen in Agatha Raisin

Just another day sleuthing for Sky One’s Agatha Raisin

What do people love about Agatha?

What sets it apart from other crime dramas is that it goes from really bold physical comedy to drama to heart-wrenching moments where Agatha’s talking to someone about a loved one who’s been murdered.

There’s been a lot of drama recently that’s influenced by ‘Scandi noir’ – I call this show ‘Cotswold Technicolor’!

What do you enjoy most about playing Agatha?

She’s not afraid to say what she feels.

She’s confident, intelligent, articulate, witty… and she’s not 25!

Do you think Agatha Raisin offers the perfect antidote to all the doom and gloom in the world?

I do.

The world is an unsure place at the minute, and this show offers pure escapism.

This is the right time for people to embrace all of the colour, the joy, the campness and the fun of Agatha Raisin.

TV Times rating: ****