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Amy strips off to beat the bullies

Amy Williams in Neighbours

Amy Williams decides to take the power away from the bullies

Steph is furious with Amy when she reveals she thought Charlie went home last night. Amy then decides to take the power away from the bullies with a shocking stunt…

Meanwhile, having been dumped in a skip by Archie, Charlie bangs and screams, trying to attract attention. As Paige and Tyler kiss in the garage, they hear the banging but are too wrapped up in each other. The next morning, Piper tells Paige she knows the fling with Tyler was a one-off and they should put it all behind them. But while the girls are out searching for Charlie, will Paige be forced to admit she's still with Tyler?

Terese tries to patch things up with Paul and he later visits her at the Penthouse. While there, he catches sight of her 'Strategy' file and forms a plan to bring her down.