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Austin Healey visits Waterloo Road

There’s a celebrity in Waterloo Road’s midst this week, as rugby player Austin Healey is due to arrive at the school for a presentation.

Chalky has just found out that his class have won the inter-school robot competition. However, he’s left confused seeing as he knows neither he nor his class entered. It’s soon revealed that Kevin single-handedly entered and won the competition! Instead of being elated, Chalky is angry that Kevin didn’t tell him about his entry.

Furthermore, tension between the pair reaches fever pitch when Kevin decides to use Chalky’s laptop. He finds secret, encrypted files that seem to hint at a hidden past for his foster parent. But it’s revealed that Chalky has changed his name after suffering a terrible, abusive childhood in a care home. Kevin’s initial anger at his secrecy gives way to compassion, and the pair end up closer than ever.

Meanwhile, Sonya is determined to make a good impression with Austin, as she’s a big fan of his. She decides to make chocolate brownies for the star, but she doesn’t count on the Barries intervening and ruining her day. Dynasty Barry places marijuana in the brownies, causing yet another scandal for the school.

Elsewhere, still reeling from Connor’s confession, Imogen tells him that if he doesn’t confess everything to Michael, she will. Christine is distraught, but Connor decides to stand up in front of the whole school and admit to what he has done. He is then led away by the police.