Big Mac hits a devious new low!

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Big Mac wakes up in a foul mood as withdrawal symptoms from his painkiller addiction sets in. Later at work he’s desperate for more pills, but every time he tries to steal some he’s interrupted.

Meanwhile Charlie has noticed an anomaly with the hospital’s Tramadol stock levels and, concerned, he restricts access determined to discover where the tablets have disappeared to…

The nightmare worsens for Mac when Mercedes returns to the ED and threatens to expose his shameful secret unless he gets her more medication. Forced into a corner, Big Mac stoops to devious new lows and pretends to be a nurse and orders pills from Charlie’s office. But he’s thwarted once again when Charlie intercepts the collection of the new batch of pills. Despite Big Mac looking worse for wear and repeated dizzy spells, Charlie doesn’t suspect him of being the thieving staff member and even confides in him!

Close to breaking point, Big Mac breaks down and confides in best friend Noel. Noel confronts Mercedes and gets her off Mac’s back. Noel then vows to help Big Mac kick his addiction and gives him the details on an anonymous support group. But at the very last minute, Big Mac bottles it and doesn’t attend the group session…

Elsewhere, Rita’s jumpy after last week’s run-in with her paedophile ex-husband Mark. She’s worried he’s out to get her, as he blames Rita for the breakup of his relationship with his teenage girlfriend!

Rita fears begin to gather ground when she realises her work name badge has gone missing, a mystery patient calls up and complains about her to Connie, and then she receives a threatening, anonymous text!

The night shift goes from bad to worse for the nurse when she confronts an aggressive gang member, Zeke, who later pulls a gun on one of the ED patients. After he’s arrested she discovers Zeke has smashed her computer screen. But it’s not until she gets home and finds her bedroom trashed and scrawled in abusive graffiti that she gets really scared.

Also this week, after being covered in various bodily fluids, receptionist Jack decides he’s had enough and quits his job. Ethan takes up salsa lessons, to the amusement of his colleagues. Zoe considers a future outside of Holby when estranged husband Max encourages her to Internet date. She emails old flame Nick Jordan and asks him if he can help her start afresh! And the big freeze between Connie and Jacob continues.

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